Families Upset Over Seized Cannabis Medicine At The Border

Parents of an epileptic child are upset at Canadian border officials seizing their cannabis oil at the border.

A letter was sent to the federal government by the family, in which they urged the government to allow Charlotte’s Web CBD oil to be allowed to cross through the border legally. The Repetskis had been ordering this oil online from CW Hemp in Colorado, but that is about to come to an end as the company has decided to not ship to Canada due to so many shipments being seized by border officials. The Canadian Border Service Agency did comment on the issue, simply by saying that they will continue to enforce the laws on the books until cannabis legalization is made official in the future.

Father Alex Repetski says that this type of treatment has kept his four-year-old daughter seizure free for the past twenty months, and that losing access to this medicine will be a devastating blow to his epileptic daughter’s health. A spokesperson from CW Hemp, Ryan Kingsbury, says that “We are working in good faith with Health Canada to devise a solution so that we can provide our customers with Charlotte’s Web in a manner that is expressly approved by the Canadian government.”

Other families are facing the same struggle without getting much attention in the press, as losing access to such an effective medicine can be so detrimental to an epileptic child’s quality of life.