Burnt out banging – Sex tips for the lazy stoner

We have all had it happen during sex. You are getting it on between the sheets when the idea comes to take a break and smoke a joint. Within minutes, you are both zoning out at the ceiling, feeling more stoned and less motivated to keep on, keeping on. 

For the recreational user, this may be a mild inconvenience but if you use cannabis medically, burn out can create a serious obstacle in the bedroom. If using your medicine means losing the motivation to be intimate, then it’s a serious issue. Quality of life matters. To make sure that you never hve to choose between a bang or a blunt, here are some considerations for all you sexy stoners…

Get down like a dog

Doggy style is ideal for the stoner who wants all the reward without putting in the effort. When you are less rooted to the ground, it is easy to move your hips; its as simple as that. Rocking back and forth on hands and knees is a lot of easier than holding your body weight with every thrust. 

Plus, it’s a great position for those who suffer from back problems. One of my girlfriends was going through medical school and told me about a doctor who got women on all fours for delivery. This position helps to take all the work off the lower back, relieving the pressure and allowing the tailbone the space to move.     

Location, Location, Location

There is nothing wrong with sex on a bed but if you have smoked nothing but indica, a soft mattress won’t help your stamina. Instead, make use of the space and furniture around you. Close the living room curtains and let the bounce of your couch do the work. 

If privacy is an issue, head to the bathroom! You can simply stand up and rock your hips with your partner leaning over the counter. If you have a bathtub, who can put a foot on the ledge and take the stress off the pelvis.

Invest in the right props

Facilitating easy, lazy sex has been the longtime quest for generations and there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to coming. Sex swings are expensive and awkward to set up. Instead, try a hammock style chair that hangs from the ceiling; they are far more easy to come by, discreet to store and simple to get into.

Foam wedges have been around for a very long time and for good reason. A foam pillow or wedge can facilitate the physical positioning needed to enable easy access; plus, the soft plush of the foam provides cushioning for any sore joints.

Note the use of a pillow

If one or more of you smoke weed, at some point during the relationship, you will be burnt out and horny. There is nothing like a good indica except when you want to get off but don’t want to move. If smoking a sativa won’t perk you up, switch up the environment, get down on all fours and or pull up the props!

After all, a strong strain like death bubba is meant to kill your pain, not your sex life.

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