Going Down Dry - Cannabis and Oral Sex

Going Down Dry – Cannabis and Oral Sex

There’s only one thing that I don’t like about using cannabis and that is dry mouth. It doesn’t matter if I’m smoking or eating it, cannabis always gives me cottonmouth. Day to day, I don’t really notice and keep water on hand. However, there is one activity that becomes significantly less enjoyable specifically because of dry mouth…oral sex.

Go ahead and chuckle. I know that this is an awkward subject. However, please indulge me. Imagine if the medication that you took to enable you to be sexually active made it more difficult to do so? If you are someone that needs to use cannabis for a medical problem involving your genitals, this is likely your reality. Everyone deserves to achieve their best quality of life. If using cannabis plays a role in your ability to be orally intimate, you owe it yourself and your partner to inform yourself. After all, life is short; let’s make the most of it.

Why does cannabis cause dry mouth?

It’s pretty commonly known that cannabis use causes dry mouth and in 2006, scientists conducted a study to find out why. They concluded that it was due to the activity of CB1 and CB2 receptors within the salivary glands and the effect that happens when they bind with the cannabinoid anandamide (AEA). Basically, when these receptors bind with AEA, it inhibits the production of certain compounds in saliva.

Before I knew that a specific cannabinoid was to blame for my pasties, I would have said to eat edibles, avoid flower and favor dabs. Now, I know that my dry mouth will last as long as buzz because that’s literally what is creating it, not dehydration. 

If you chose to Inhale your cannabis, consider the following…

I always felt that pot smoke acted like a blow dryer for my throat, making a dry situation become a desert. Plus, smoking flower can irritate the throat more so than a lower temperature concentrate because there are more irritants like plant matter. Based on that logic, if you want to avoid coughing all over someone’s private parts, vaporize your cannabis. 

Plan your munchies before you munch

Edibles add a whole new list of considerations when it comes to oral sex! Think about the lasting consequences of choosing sweet or savory! One of the functions of our saliva is to lubricate our teeth, washing away bits of food. If the medicine within the edible makes it harder for you to swallow, expect it to leave traces in your teeth. If your only edible option contains an ingredient like jalapenos, chances are rinsing your mouth is not going to be enough. This may seem like a no-brainer but accidents happen… especially if you’re already stoned and see something delicious.

Cannabis products designed for the bedroom

Cannabis Mouth Sprays – Designed for those with issues starting at the esophagus, cannabis mouth sprays are meant to be absorbed sublingually. It’s a great option because you can medicate quickly without having to kill the mood and stop what you are doing. Plus, these sprays are meant to alleviate dry mouth, providing relief long after you swallow it.

Cannabis Lube – Having the medicine set within a sticky, lubricating base means that you can turn your partner into an edible without licking them dry! However, if you are making cannabis ingestion a part of the experience, be aware of the dose of THC and how it affects the both of you. The last thing anyone wants is to get so lost in the moment that they end up lacing their private parts. 

If we were back in the Neanderthal days, our only concerns would consist of food, water, shelter, sleep, health and procreation. Despite the fact that we have evolved, if one of these critical areas of our life suffers, it creates serious problems. It’s really hard to be positive when you are struggling with you health to the point where it’s affecting your ability to be intimate.

More and more people these days are turning to cannabis treatment and that choice should not affect your ability to enjoy oral sex. Now that you know the what and why, you can feel confident in your abilities and ultimately more of the experience. 


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