It’s the summer, the time for love but the only problem is that we are in the middle of a pandemic. If you weren’t banging someone before this whole thing started, chances are that this hasn’t changed. After all, how exactly does one score some socially distant action? It’s a question that we all should be asking ourselves, regardless of relationship status. Safe sex is the best sex. The Province is promoting the use of glory holes but it’s tough to say if that will catch on. In the meantime, there are things you can do to limit exposure when getting busy. Don’t suffer for a lack of orgasms! Try this instead…

Get into cosplay and incorporate masks to enjoy socially distant sex

Adding costumes in the bedroom can be really hot, plus, there are so many roleplay scenarios that include the use of masks. However, some people don’t feel comfortable with cosplay. Putting on a full costume can feel like a bit much, especially if you are taking it off. But, masks are different. Leaving them on is a part of the fun. So, why is it worth bringing a mask in the bedroom? Covering your partner’s face adds an element of mystery because their identity, reactions, and emotions become a lot harder to read. Here are some common mask kink scenarios to help you in the right direction:

  • Doctor and/or Nurse and/or Patient
  • Dentist and Patient
  • Scenes with consensual non-consent
  • Midnight Ninja Attacks… get freaky
Wear mask get into cosplay

Socially Distant Sex Positions

You can’t be too careful when it comes to safety. Plus, this is a great reason to try out some new moves. These positions can be done by all couples, regardless of how each partner identifies.

Reverse Cowgirl sex position

Reverse cowgirl sex position

Whoever is receiving hops on top, facing their partner’s feet. The person below gets an awesome view and the sensations can be pretty intense. 

Cardio: Moderate

Bent Over 

Bent over

Select a chair bottom, couch seat, or chair arm, depending on the height of the person who is thrusting. In order to ensure ease of connection, make sure that your private parts are as lined up as possible. Its makes all the difference

Cardio: Minimal


69 famous sex position

There are many reasons why a ‘69’ is one of the most well-known, easily recognized, and commonly tried sex positions. The fact that it’s socially distant during a pandemic, can now be added to the sex list.  Are one of you a bit too short/tall? Move your legs and/or rotate who’s on top!

Cardio: None

DIY Glory Hole

If you want to go for glory, you have to make it happen. After all, the Province likes to help those who help themselves. There are so many different methods and materials you can use to make your own Glory Hole, it really depends on your wants and needs. For a DIY Glory Hole, consider creating a board that you can hold. In order to be successful to achieve socially distant sex with this method, here are some things you need to think about ahead of time:

Do you want to be able to see or not? (This goes for the giver and receiver during sex) 

If being able to see is important to you and plexiglass is not plentiful, you can adjust the height of the top or bottom of it. A glory hole that covers the nose and mouth is better than no glory hole at all.

Glory hole sex position

Can it be adjusted to work for a vagina?

It’s not that hard to make a multi-function glory hole board. All you need to do is put a curve on the bottom and cover it with a bit of padding. As long as the board is not too heavy, you can position it on your partner’s abdomen to create a barrier between you. 

Use a curtain!

Making a glory hole out of curtain is:

Easy – Hang up a washable shower curtain and cut out a hole. 

Portable – Putting up or taking down your glory hole is as quick as taking down a curtain rod and you can bring it anywhere. 

Accessible for all – Height adjustments can be made easily with scissors and curtains make great access for women. 

Don’t let this pandemic get in the way of getting it on! All it takes is a little bit of kink, socially distant sex positions, and a homemade glory hole board!