Adult crossword alert! Cannabis and Oral sex

Make no mistake about it, cannabis affects the bedroom experience, especially when it comes to oral sex. Maybe you already know that but do you know why weed does what it… um, does down there? If you are catching what I’m throwing down, challenge yourself and find out what you know! Try to complete this crossword on cannabis and oral sex. You may know a lot more about the subject than you think and if not, it’s interesting information. If you need a hint, there are clues listed below the crossword. Best of luck!

1. Cannabinoids exit the body through urine, feces, and BLANK membranes.
2. If there are enough cannabinoids present, it’s fully possible to smell and BLANK it during oral sex.
3. The function of your mucous membrane is to produce a thick, lubricating and protective layer and to keep your body tissues BLANK.
4. Mucous is a key component in BLANK. Starts with 'S'
5. Regardless of the ingestion method, using BLANK causes dry mouth.
6. Dry mouth isn't caused by BLANK, its caused by a cannabinoid. Drinking water will not help. Starts with 'D'
7. The cannabinoid resposible for causing dry mouth is known as BLANK AEA
8. One of the functions of our saliva is to lubricate our BLANK, washing away bits of food. Starts with 'T'

Clue #1

Let it be known to one and all, it is completely possible for your private parts to taste like THC! How is it possible? You can thank your mucous membranes and the way that cannabis dissolves! The function of your mucous membrane is to produce a thick, lubricating, and protective layer and to keep your body tissues hydrated. Fat is one of the key components of mucous and we know that THC gets deposited into this tissue. When we consider how the inside of a vagina is one big mucous layer or the fact that mucus is a necessary component in semen, tasting like THC makes sense for some of us. 

Clue #2

It’s pretty commonly known that cannabis use causes dry mouth and in 2006, scientists conducted a study to find out why. They concluded that it was due to the activity of CB1 and CB2 receptors within the salivary glands and the effect that happens when they bind with the cannabinoid anandamide (AEA). Basically, when these receptors bind with AEA, it inhibits the production of certain compounds in saliva. Before I knew that a specific cannabinoid was to blame for my pasties, I would have said to eat edibles, avoid flower, and favor dabs. Now, I know that my dry mouth will last as long as buzz because that’s literally what is creating it, not dehydration.

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