Adult Wordsearch Alert! A Guide to Anal Sex and Cannabis

For some reason, cannabis users tend to be more prone to accidents when they decide to go through door number two. I’m talking about anal sex, cannabis use and accidentally pooping on your partner. It can happen to anyone, however, it doesn’t have to happen to you. Here at the Cannabis Life Network, we got your backside and want to help you live your best life. With that in mind, here are some quick tips on backdoor cannabis and a Wordsearch to help you retain the information.

Preparation is key

  • Avoid foods that are going to whip through your system such as fatty or spicy cuisine.
  • Have a joint, lighter, and towels ready just in case. Towels are for dealing with the immediate situation. The joint needs to be ready to go immediately after you both clean up and shower. 

Cannabis is medicine, remember that!

  • Cannabis users tend to forget how well that medicine works. If you have had an upset stomach all day but managed to make it stop when you smoked a joint, don’t put anything up your bum.

Choose your cannabis wisely 

Capsules – Be aware of the oil in the cannabis capsules you take. If the oil is old, it can go rancid and you won’t know until your system reacts. 

Suppositories – Proceed with caution. Experienced users only. 

Cannabis lube – Along with providing the benefits of lube, cannabis will work topically to help your sphincter muscles relax. This added bonus will make anal insertion easier and reduce friction-related tearing. Plus, if the lube-loaded object is long enough, some of the cannabinoids will pass your second sphincter, travel through the bloodstream, and get processed by the liver…getting you baked from the bum. 

You need not be a victim of pooper bloopers, all you need to do is remember what you’ve learned today. The words hidden below hold the key to success when it comes to anal sex and cannabis. Find them and go heat things up in the bedroom. 

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