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CAFE joins Canadian Cannabis Retailers Union

TORONTO, March 3, 2020 /CNW/ – Cannabis And Fine Edibles (CAFE), Ontario‘s largest independent cannabis retailer, today announced that it has become a member of the Canadian Cannabis Retailers Union (CCRU;, the country’s preeminent cannabis retail industry association. As a member of the CCRU, CAFE commits to upholding the highest standards of responsible cannabis sales and employee education and training.  


Specifically, CAFE and other Canadian Cannabis Retailers retail members are required to implement the following measures to ensure they operate safe stores which are both consumer-friendly and respect surrounding communities:

Cannabis Retail Setup Guide: Standards for Retail Stores‘; a set of operating standards and best-practices which stress safety, harm reduction, and customer experience, to establish a balance with Canada’s broader cannabis regulatory objectives. Key aspects include preventing sales to minors, responsible cannabis use, physical store security and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), record keeping, and community protection, amongst others. The CCRU conducts annual audits and unscheduled checks of its members to ensure compliance with these directives. CAFE has historically operated in line with CCRU requirements. Its membership in the CCRU further strengthens this commitment.     

Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Training‘ course: Canada’s most advanced retail and budtender training program on the safe sale and retail distribution of cannabis. Offered in partnership between the CCRU and the North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT;, the course involves 14 hours of in-class education over two days, including interactive mock-retail training to reinforce practical problem solving and customer service skills. Upon completion, students are able to work effectively in a cannabis retail environment and apply best practices in safety, responsible use, and customer service. To date, nearly 50 CAFE retail staff have completed the course.

In-store customer education and harm reduction materials including child-proof safety bags, banners providing key harm reduction information for cannabis consumers, and edible dosing guidelines to promote safe consumption. CAFE has been using these materials in its stores since 2016 and pioneered the use of locking safety bags two years before Health Canada mandated child-proof packaging. In joining the CCRU, CAFE reaffirms its commitment to these important safety initiatives. 

“CAFE has grown to become Ontario‘s largest cannabis retailer as a result of a forward-looking philosophy which emphasizes superior products, the best in-store experiences, and the importance of safety for its customers and the community at large”, stated David Shuang, Head of Public Relations for CAFE. We are proud to join the Canadian Cannabis Retailers Union to further this mission and in doing so, CAFE continues to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of providing Ontario‘s recreational and medical consumers with knowledgeable budtenders who represent the best of the cannabis industry“.  

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About CAFE

Cannabis and Fine Edibles (CAFE) is a lifestyle brand that values the power of education and community to cultivate meaningful, shared experiences that inspire and enhance your life. We seek to establish a positive impact on the future through the promotion of harm reduction, social responsibility, and the empowerment of our patrons and neighbors. Above all, our goal is to create a movement that fosters wellness, safety, and the evolution of a collective culture.

CAFE strives to create a distributor environment that caters to finer tastes, offering a deep, rich coffee experience with a comprehensive bouquet for the discerning cannabis connoisseur. A cozy and relaxed atmosphere mixed with only the finest marijuana products, CAFE is Canada’s premier cannabis distributor and cafe destination.

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About the CCRU

The CCRU is the voice of the cannabis retail industry. As advocates for safe and reliable cannabis distribution, the CCRU’s goal is to represent retailers across Canada and to enlighten and educate industry participants on how to responsibly sell cannabis to create safer stores and communities. The CCRU’s member programs include best practices and education for the safe and responsible operation of their stores that keeps the product out of the hands of minors, promote effective principles of harm reduction and community protection, and allows retailers a balanced approach to providing a superior experience to their customers. Further information on the CCRU’s mission and programs can be found at, on Instagram @cannabisretailersunion, and on Twitter @CCRU_2020.

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