CAMCD Announces New President

The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries has announced a new president.

Dieter MacPherson has been elected at an annual general meeting that also saw the group ratify a new set of bylaws that the CAMCD said reflects the reality of the imminent legalization of cannabis.

“We’ve learned a lot working with the City of Vancouver on the Medical Marijuana Related Use Permit Bylaw which we can use toward building more effective bylaws for other municipalities in Canada,” said MacPherson, in a release.

MacPherson’s statement said that the group has great respect for the City of Vancouver‘s, currently underway, regulatory program for dispensaries and wants to forge a stronger relationship with the city and other municipalities.

The City of Vancouver has given all dispensaries in the city that have not advanced in their licensing program until today to shut their doors, something the dispensary organization hoped would be flexible.

“CAMCD strongly encourages the City of Vancouver to offer amnesty to our members that are, in good faith, proceeding through declustering or awaiting their Board of Variance hearing,” the statement read.