Legalization Task Force Protest

The federal government’s legalization task force had come to Vancouver incognito. They changed locations last minute.

The old hippie knew it. He argued with everyone about seeds, but he also badgered the hotel staff to reveal where the task farce had gone.

Jodie Emery decided to stay put and wait for the television crew. Maybe that’s why she was accused later of sabotage?

Here we were, a small gathering of protesters, standing outside a downtown Vancouver Marriott hotel, informed that the meeting moved to the Delta hotel, six blocks away.

I saw one of them drive by. She was in the back of a Pinnacle security staff car, she waved at me. I had been the only one paying attention.

A TV crew showed up and gave Jodie Emery an interview. Afterwards, off camera, the interviewer commented on how secretive this was.

“They don’t want any publicity,” he said.

Rumour had it Pamela McColl was at the roundtable. Kirk Tousaw’s office confirmed that he was there. I later found out CAMCD was invited. Why didn’t Dana Larsen mention that? He was with us at the protest.

The TV crew left, it started raining, Jodie and Dana left, and no one was really sure where the Delta hotel is located.

The old hippie knew. But he was long gone. Should have listened.

It started raining hard. Freddie Pritchard offered me a ride home.

So much for the protest, and media coverage, and why no promotion from Kirk? Why was CAMCD invited? Why were they so quiet about it?

Who decides who gets to be at the roundtable, anyway? Why was the Vancouver leg of the task farce tour so hush-hush?

Was Pamela McColl really on it? Who the heck invited her?

Why not members of the business community?

Does anyone really believe that CAMCD represent all of Vancouver’s dispensaries?

Rumour has it, CAMCD is in “disarray” and in no position to be representing BC Bud.

Why not someone from the Cannabis Growers of Canada? The largest trade association representing BC Bud and Toronto’s responsible dispensaries?

Questions, I’m still waiting on Health Canada to answer.