Canada Post Seizes Medical Cannabis Sent Through Mail

Canada Post has seized medicinal cannabis after a man tried to send the package to his wife.

Ucluelet, B.C. resident Ryan Malazdrewicz and his wife are both licensed under the government’s old Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) to produce and possess cannabis. When his wife left Vancouver Island to visit family in Alberta, Malazdrewicz tried to ship a package to her through Canada Post.

When the package didn’t leave the island, Malazdrewicz returned to the post office, where he learned the parcel had been seized by authorities.

“Right now they are stopping my wife, a law abiding citizen, from accessing her cannabis,” Malazdrewicz said. 

Canada Post said if they detect cannabis being transported in a package that doesn’t originate from a government licensed producer it will be seized and investigated by authorities.

Malazdrewicz said he wants the package returned or sent to its original destination. He also wants police to investigate what he sees as a crime.

Health Canada‘s new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations came into effect in 2013, while the previous MMAR were repealed until a court order granted the older license holders permission to continue to possess and produce while a final court decision can be made on the case.