Check your change! Valuable Canadian Coins Crossword

Do you have a pile of change or a jar of old pennies? You could be sitting on a small fortune. There are a surprising amount of rare and valuable coins being spent daily at face value. You just got to know what to look for. With that being said, it’s time to roll up a fatty and haul out your coins. Let’s get baked and go on a treasure hunt! For all you pot-smoking coin collectors out there, here’s a guide to rare and valuable Canadian coins.

Silver Coins

There’s a lot of silver still floating around in our change today. Regardless of the state of the coin, the metal value is there. If you find silver coins and don’t want to keep them, sell them to be melted at a pawn shop or coin store.

Canadian coins crossword puzzle

To find silver coins:

  • Before 1967, all Canadian dimes and quarters are 65% silver. 
  • All 1968 Canadian dimes and quarters are 50% silver.

Error Coins 

A lot of things can go wrong when coins are being minted and you can make a lot of money off of this. Error coins can have outrageous collector value potential. If you ever find a coin that looks or feels a little bit off, always set it aside. To find error coins, follow your gut as well as your eyes.

Types of errors include:

Double Strikes and Double Dies – When the mint plate doesn’t line up with the blank planchette, sometimes the machine will strike again. This creates a doubling effect, affecting the entire coin or just a small part of it. It can sometimes look a bit like bubble letters or a distorted image.

coins with errors

Off-Center Strike – Just like it sounds, this error happens when a coin is struck in the wrong spot. 

5 cents Canadian coin

Misaligned Die – Have you ever found a coin and thought that the picture was tilted? If so, you found a misaligned die strike error! 

Metal Content – Sometimes they use the wrong planchette to strike a coin and this results in a metal content error. Many can only be found with a gram scale or a magnet. Luckily, scales and fridge magnets are not uncommon things in a stoner household. 

1 cent

Find this Penny with a magnet and scale – $10000 Potential Value

Penny - Canadian coins

For some reason, some of the copper-plated steel test coins ended up in circulation. They look like regular pennies but are worth a lot more. Note – the coin must precisely fit all these requirements:

Coin and Year – 2000 Penn

Magnetic – Yes 

Weight – 2.35 Grams

Composition Mark – There will be a capital letter ‘P’ printed below the Queen. 

Having fun? Want to know more? To help you on the hunt, here is a Canadian coins crossword puzzle!

1. A copper BLANK from the year 2006 should not be magnetic. If it is, it could be worth a lot more that one cent.
2. Blank coins are more valuable than standard coins and can be melted for the metal value.
3. If you see a coin that looks or feels a little different, set it aside. It could a BLANK coin.
4. Some errors can only be detected using a magnifying glass, magnet or gram BLANK.
5. A coin with a tiled or rotated image is called a BLANK die. Begins with 'M'
6. When the mint plate doesn't line up with the BLANK, sometimes the machine will strike again. Starts with 'P'
7. If a coin is lighter than its supposed to be, its a metal BLANK error. Starts with 'C'
8. The study of the physical embodiment of various payment media, aka coin collecting, is called BLANK. Begins with 'N'

Hope, you learnt something from this Canadian coins crossword puzzle! Let everyone know what coins you are into and what you collect in the comments below!