Cannabis Edibles are Surging in Popularity: Here’s Why

It’s been nearly a year since edibles have been legalized in Canada. And, since then edibles have surged in popularity, here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Edibles are discrete

The best part about enjoying cannabis via edibles is the fact that they are so discrete! You do not have to smoke or vape to get high, all you have to do is eat. There is no smell or smoke released which makes it a discrete and odorless alternative! There is no way for an outsider to know you are getting high based on what you are eating. It’s not like the food has weed leaves stamped all over it…

Photo from: 420 Magazine

2. You know what you’re getting into

A legal requirement of selling edibles is to have every gummy, candy, chocolate bar, etc. clearly labeled with the THC content of said edible. This allows the user to know just how potent the edible is going to be. For those who have a low tolerance with cannabis consumption, the ability to microdose is a huge plus! Reversely, for someone who is looking for a good buzz, knowing the precise THC content level will help the user gauge how much they have to consume based on personal preference. In the past, edibles have been somewhat of a guessing game as you never really knew how strong they were. It was oh too common to eat an edible, wait for a little, then eat more because you didn’t know if the first one was strong enough. Then all of the sudden after consuming more they both kicked in all at once. Sound familiar? Nowadays, edibles are clearly marked with the potency so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Photo from: CTV News

3. Edibles are delicious

This one may seem obvious but it had to be mentioned. You know – give credit where credit is due. Initially, edibles had a very strong weed taste. The first bite was alright, but the after taste was not pleasant. Since the legalization last fall, edibles are surging in popularity. And, as time goes on, businesses are perfecting the taste of their products. Now, some edibles do not taste like weed at all! This is a good and a bad thing… if the edible taste too good, you may get carried away and eat too much! Happy Tree Buds carries some of the all-star candies you know and love from your childhood. Click here to check their selection including gummy worms, fuzzy peaches, cola candies, and more.

Photo from: Happy Tree Buds

4. They are easy to share

Another plus for edibles is that they are easy to share with others! There is no need to pass a joint around, or all share the same pipe. With edibles, everyone just takes a piece and indulges in the tasty treat. It really could not be any easier than that. These days, people are so worried about spreading germs (COVID), so perhaps edibles are the way to go! For more information about edibles click here.

5. Edibles come in many forms

Remember when edibles used to be limited to pot brownies? Or maybe even weed cookies if you were lucky? Now, you can get edibles in almost any tasty treat – sweet or salty! More obvious options include gummies, lollipops, pop rocks, chocolate bars, truffles, popcorn – the list goes on and on. We carry a selection of edibles on our site too, click here to check them out. You can even filter the page based upon the edibles of popularity to make your decisions easier!