Cannabis Growers of Canada Responds to Government’s Decision Not to Appeal Allard

Cannabis Growers of Canada (CGC) are pleased at the news that the federal government is declining to appeal the result of the Allard trial. Tens of thousands of medical cannabis patients across Canada will sleep better tonight knowing that their right to grow their own medical-grade cannabis has been bolstered.

CGC believes that the current government is correct to make a clean break from the policies of the Harper government by declining to defend the highly flawed Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Furthermore, CGC believes that this decision marks an important step in the government’s approach to total cannabis legalization.

Given the fact that the federal court has handed the government a six-month deadline to rewrite the MMPR, CGC believes it is critical for the federal government to begin broad stakeholder input sessions into the future of medical cannabis and of cannabis legalization. CGC believes that it is only through sensible, evidence-based cannabis policy that the government will satisfy both the courts and the Canadian public, and we remain committed to providing our knowledge and expertise as part of that process.