Welcome back to another segment of Cooking with Cannabis 101, this week we’ll cover how to make cannabis-infused heavy cream. Heavy cream is a useful ingredient that can be added to numerous different recipes, so why not go the extra mile and spice things up with a cannabis-infused creation. Now there are many different kinds of cream but for the sake of our video we’ll be making a heavy 35% cream.

Video and recipe courtesy of The Wellness Soldier.

To make cannabis-infused heavy cream, we are going to add cannabis to the cream and allow it to double boil on medium pot of water for 40 minutes. From there, we’ll strain and store it. The cannabis-infused cream will be safe to store for a 7-10 day period. For this recipe, you’ll need:

  • 2 Cups of 35% Heavy Cream
  • 7 Grams of Cannabis

If you want to create a larger batch, just remember the ratio of 2 cups of cream per 7 grams of cannabis. In terms of cannabis, we used White Widow which has a THC percentage of 20%. That equates to 200mg of THC-a per gram. So if we multiply 7 grams by 200 it equals 1400 mg of THC-a. After decarboxylation, which converts THC-a to THC (1400 mg X 0.88), we are left with 1,232 mg of THC. After the infusion process, THC multiplied by 80% gives us a total of 986 mg of THC infused into your 35% cream. Below is a guide for your decarboxylation calculations.


  • Starting amount of grams = 7g
  • THC percentage per gram = 20% (revert to decimal)
  • Milligrams per gram = 0.200 mg per gram
  • Amount of grams X milligrams (7 X 200) = 1,400 mg THC-a
  • THC-a X 0.88 (Decarb) = 1,232 mg THC
  • THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total 986 mg

For your calculations:

  • Starting amount of grams = ______ g
  • THC percentage per gram = ______ % (revert to decimal)
  • Milligrams per gram = ______ mg per gram
  • Amount of grams X milligrams (7 X 200) = ______ THC-a
  • THC-a X 0.88 (Decarb) = ______ THC
  • THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total ______ mg

How do you plan to use your cannabis-infused heavy cream? Let us know in the comments below! Click here for more of our Cooking with Cannabis 101 series!