Cannabis Crossword: Cooking With Cannabis 101

Test Your Knowledge

Each week, The Cannabis Life Network and The Wellness Soldier have been proud to present a new series, Cooking with Cannabis 101. If you have checked it out, you have likely learned a lot about making cannabis edibles at home. Then again, there is really only one way to find out… test your knowledge! With that in mind, get ready for a cannabis crossword all about making cannabis edibles

Hint hint…

To help set you off on the right track, this is a short video on making cannabis-infused gummies. It provides a lot of great information on the subject of this crossword and will help you answer a couple of the questions.

If you find yourself stuck on a question and need a hint, the answers can be found within the Cooking With Cannabis 101 articles and videos.

1. Before adding cannabis to an edible recipe, you have to heat it with a BLANK.
2. The process of activating THC is known as BLANK.
3. When heated to above 220 degrees Fahrenheit, this cannabinoid is converted to THC.
4. Tasteless and potent, many edible producers like to cook with this clear extract.
5. Edibles made from a cannabis extract have little to no plant taste because the BLANK has been removed.
6. Using a crockpot, many people like to make their edibles using this dairy product.
7. When using edibles, it’s important to start low and go BLANK.
8. Starting with the letter ‘I’, this verb is one was to say that you are adding cannabis.
9. Who doesn’t love one of these baked goodies, especially with a glass of milk?
10. Edibles made with this water extracted concentrate can often pack a strong punch.
11. This term refers to the resin glands that contain terpenes and cannabinoids.
12. Before you can make a cannabis gummy, you need infuse an oil to make a BLANK.

Stay tuned each Monday for a new cannabis-infused recipe from Chef Cody!