The good news is the nine-member federal task force tasked with telling Trudeau the best way to move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis has finished their final report.

The bad news is it will be a few more days or even weeks until their recommendations are made public.

“Our report is now being translated, and will be provided to Ministers and the public once it is available in both official languages,” wrote task force chair Anne McLellan and vice-chair Mark Ware in a prepared statement announcing the completion of the project. “Translation is expected to be complete in mid-December. The final report will then be received by Ministers and posted online at”

The Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation was created by the ministers of justice, public safety and health last summer to consult with Canadians and give advice on how to meet the Liberal government’s promise to legalize and regulate cannabis. They received nearly 30,000 responses to an online questionnaire and almost met with representatives of provincial and territorial governments.

Experts consulted include researchers and academics, medical patients and their advocates, chiefs of police and fire departments, municipal and local government officials, as well as numerous industry, professional and health associations. Indigenous experts, representative organizations, governments and elders were also consulted.

The group led by former Toronto police chief Bill Blair – which also included University of Victoria professor Susan Boyd, former Vancouver city councilor George Chow, Superintendent Marlene Jesso, B.C. Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall, former RCMP drugs and organized crime specialist Rafik Souccar and addictions expert Catherine Zahn –  visited Colorado and Washington states, two of the first U.S. states where cannabis use is legal, as well as speaking with representatives from Uruguay, which so far is the only nation to have a regulatory system for legal access to cannabis.

  • Réal Guy

    M’well, lets help them find a proper translation for “incidental possession”, so we can all get one version of the text or the other somewhat sooner than December 21st!!

    For example, i’d suggest “consommation occasionelle” – e.g. occasionally (as in once in a while), that’s it. Or maybe even “consommation accidentelle”! As if cannabis usually jumps on potential “addict” consumers as if it were some involuntary accident, euh…

    Either way i don’t expect a majority of individuals will manage to qualify as “incidental users” in the end, on the contrary. So much for “legaleezation”!… That’s a shame, the hints were on public display but only one voice was heard and now it turns out to have been a fantomatic mirage with roots in the Harper era and beyond.

  • Moi_encore

    UNTIL THE CDSA has had a serious colonic, enema & cleansing, there is NO MOVING FORWARD on Cannabis in Canada anyway.

    Two wrongs will never make a right, and in this picture, there are two wrongs right out of the gate, as in an illegal Crime of the Century prohibition as well the intent to simply flip this genocide over for generations to come under the guise of this plant being ‘legal’, yet has only been INCUBATED & being manipulatively transformed into an ILLICIT MONOPOLY RACKET for some few bandwagon-hopping corporate bed-pals with their lobbied crony political partners-in-crime!

    This is NOT ACCEPTABLE more-so than the original sin of prohibition, and THE ENTIRE TIME, the CRUX – being the knowingly WRONGFUL scheduling of a FREE life-supporting PLANT ALL ALONG!!

    This INTENTIONALLY-DESIGNED & MANIFESTED MISTAKE MUST BE FIXED NOW here in Canada so to set the stage Internationally on how to fix this oppressive crime right off the books completely overnight, and GET OUR HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT & INDUSTRY BACK ON TRACK!

    Reverse-treason is what ANY individual or group associated with this continued LIE will be handed in choosing to further endorse Cannabis regulation in any form henceforth.

    You just tabled a report on how WRONG & OBSOLETE your entire maniacal intent is in attempting to incubate & prolong CANADA’s BIGGEST SELF-GENOCIDE this country has yet to even realize by REMOVING a FREE PLANT option in 1923 & allowing it’s BIG PHARMA synthetic replacements all-the-while, creating spikes in disease & offering dangerously toxic & fatal, let alone ASTRONOMICALLY PRICED options in it’s place. Wholly unacceptable period.

    Wake it up, average Canadian… we are getting CULLED yet again if you do NOT get or understand this point. Onward we ALL grow as required & desired.

  • Moi_encore

    Oh ya, not only did you intentionally overlook 35 million fellow Canadians’ Charter protections to unhindered, unabashed ACCESS to & for SELF-RELIANCE for FOOD & MEDICINE, you also jumped the PIPE DREAM gun by falling for that CANNABIS WINDFALL MONOPOLY DOMINANCE GREEN RUSH someone was blowing up your derriers…. It AIN”T there, never was & never will be.. let it go & get over it FAST! Have a gander at this chart & try some good ‘ole Canadian Cannabis Humble Pie.. you need it!

    “Task Farce” is the only true label for this band of Darwin Award candidates playing on as if they have a gaddamn CLUE as to what this plant truly is, and are doing a MASSIVE disservice to the ENTIRE COUNTRY by playing PARTISAN games with a NON-PARTISAN, primal daily preventative herbal supplement, KNOWINGLY holding THE ENTIRE NATION IN HARM’s WAY every minute of every day in doing so. Reverse treason & intent to hold in harm’s way are not looking good on the resume, buds….

    Get over it fast & LET THE PLANT GO OUTRIGHT overnight…

    It AIN’T YOUR’s, it AIN’T MINE, ~ IT’S ALL of OUR’S EQUALLY & FAIRLY. Case closed. NEXT! (so we can ALL carry-on our lives with the plant & MOVE ON from this sad, corporate-greed bygone era of a Crime of the Century called illegal Cannabis prohibition.

    A sad status quo simply NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE globally.