Cannabis Legal Action in Kamloops

Two news stories out of Kamloops, BC on legal action in the city.

Kamloops police make cannabis bust

A 58-year-old man was discovered by Kamloops RCMP speeding on the Trans-Canada Highway, early in the morning of Sept. 30. When police searched the vehicle, they found 75 lbs of cannabis in two hockey bags.

The seizer is estimated at $150,000.

Charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking pending against the driver.


Kamloops medical user sentenced for carrying too much

A Kamloops man pleaded guilty in a provincial court for possession of a controlled substance after being arrested  for carrying three times the amount of cannabis he was legally able to.

After Troy Farnsworth was stopped at an RCMP roadblock, May 1, police found 120 g of cannabis in his trunk. Farnsworth is entitled to possess 40 g as a medical patient.

Judge Chris Cleaveley sentenced Farnsworth to pay a $1,200 fine.