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CannaTech: AI, VR, and AR Solutions for the Cannabis Sector

Technology is changing the way we live in many ways. From having instant access to information on about any subject you could think of on a device you can carry in your pocket to medical technologies that are allowing people to hear and see for the first time ever, technology is changing lives.

In recent years, many technological ventures have started to work with things such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. This approach is changing everything from how marketing and advertising plans are being implemented and how medical professionals are learning new innovative treatment methods to how people are enjoying different types of entertainment.

These types of technologies and breakthroughs are also being applied to the cannabis industry, though many are not well known or even mainstream. That is of yet. In this article, we will look at three such companies that are operating within the cannabis space.

One is a virtual reality network, one is an augmented reality tech company, and the other is an artificial intelligence-based solution for cannabis patients, physicians, and businesses.

Cannabis VR Network

The Cannabis Virtual Reality Network was founded by Matthew Dula, a veteran and cannabis activist.  Through their website, they provide a way for cannabis enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of cannabis via virtual reality in a manner that requires no standalone VR devices. Viewers can take a tour of a dispensary, experience a cannabis cultivation vegetation room in full bloom, explore a cannabis industry event and much more.

Learn more at cvrnusa.tv.


Cannabot is an AI-based solution for cannabis patients, consumers, businesses, and physicians alike.  Cannabot is the first offering from AI Health Outcome, a company founded by Christina DiArcangelo Puller. Christina is an experienced biotech professional and the CEO/Founder of Affinity Biopartners. Cannabot is bringing AI to the cannabis space, and it’s going to streamline the way that cannabis patients, businesses, physicians, and others interact with each other from curiosity about cannabis all the way throughout treatment utilizing cannabis-based products.

Learn more at cannabot.ai.

Nextech AR Solutions

NexTech AR Solutions based out of Ontario, Canada, with a focus on augmented reality. NexTech AR is literally utilizing technology to turn “thin air into reality,” and their solutions for the cannabis industry are next level for marketing departments. They are also a blessing for navigating the strict regulations being implied on cannabis advertising in the Canadian market. The NexTech technology stack offers an AR content platform and viewer, an AR university and viewer, as well as AR holograms. This is providing an all in one solution “for design, publishing, distribution, and monetization of immersive native AR experiences.” Learn more at nextechar.com.

Through innovative technologies such as immersive realities and artificial intelligence, the way we approach marketing, advertising, and even how we interact with medical professionals is going to evolve throughout the cannabis sector. Companies like the ones above are paving the path for a new age and it is in my opinion exciting as fuck to watch evolve.


Article courtesy of Expert Joints. Written by AshleyP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance.com, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)