6 Stoner Activities For A Socially-Distanced Happy Halloweed!

For an unforgettable experience of Halloween, it starts with the very enthusiasm that you have in store for the evening for yourself and your loved ones. So to inspire a sense of fun and adventure, here are 6 stoner activities that will ignite the Halloween spirit in you during the pandemic.

stoner activity


Since public gatherings are limited during the pandemic, you can virtually gather using online social media platforms like Zoom. You may be physically miles apart but with this stoner activity virtually, you will be closer than ever.

Cooking Competition an engaging stoner activity

Cooking Competition an engaging stoner activity

Once all the participants have gathered and had the time to catch up with their mates, a cooking game can be introduced compromised of who can make the most innovative Halloween themed edibles amongst the lot in real-time. So collect all the ingredients that you may need and bring your A-game to the competition. This stoner activity/competition is to motivate and inspire the participants to be creative.

getting stoned

Get Stoned this Halloween

The party is just getting started. The edibles that you just made are for you. So you can get baked with your friends at the same time in Zoom. Remember to take pictures of your creation and post it on the social media of your choice. Listen to spooky music while you are stoned to the bone to keep the Halloween spirit going.

Dress Up Halloweed style

Dress Up Halloweed style

Hit up your closet and bring out your favorite costume to the party. Open a voting panel if you want to and the person with the best costume gets to showcase their prized possession and have a nostalgic time while they are at it. To get some ideas about dressing up this Halloweed click here.

VR Activity

VR Activity for an Adventurous Halloween

This year, kick it up a notch in the world of virtual reality. With your costume on, go to war in the world of VR and explore endless possibilities with your party mates. WARNING! This activity is not for the light-hearted as the overall experience may cause disorientation of your body.



Lastly, but not least, after you are done and tired from playing all the multiplayer games in VR, Netflix allows the user to create a watch party. So, you can perhaps binge-watch a sitcom or just watch a movie and have a good dose of Halloween themed cinematics before calling it a night.

What’s your favorite Halloween activity? Let us know in the comments below.