CBD oil for kittens

I gave my kittens CBD oil and this is what went down

Having pets, at any age, can be exhausting. I recently got three four-to-five week old (far too young) kittens given to me. Kittens who are taken away from their mother can show signs of fear, aggression, difficulty adjusting, eating issues, as well as makes them more prone to illness.

After a while of having my cats, I started to think about what options there were to help. A friend of mine (as well as some research on the internet) led me to CBD oil.

The science

CBD is a non-psychoactive, non-intoxicating compound derived from the marijuana plant. There are scientific facts proving that CBD helps with things such as aggression, anxiety, infections, loss of appetite or energy, inflammation, joint pain, allergies, seizures, tumours, and cancer, to name a few. 

There are many different brands and options out there, including pills and treats. CBD oil is typically given by a dropper to your cat or mixed in with their food. Beware though, some cats aren’t a fan of the smell, so stay creative. With pills, you can give it to your pets directly or break it apart and mix it in their food, for those cats who don’t like the smell of the oil.

The wonderful thing about CBD oil is it’s a great antioxidant and is high in Omega 3 + 6 which helps with healthy skin and a healthy coat. 

CBD Oil and Cats
(Pham An/Unsplash)

My Experience with CBD Oil for my Kittens

It had been a month or two of having the cats. The one cat in the litter was the runt, and also a female, so she was quite small and having trouble eating. When taken away from the mother too early, cats still think they get their nutrition from suckling on another cat. 

After endless times of pulling her off her brothers and putting her to her food with not a lot of luck, I decided to take my friend’s advice. I was recommended to Noah’s Ark CBD Oil for pets for $54.99 and it was great!

Three kittens constantly running around, jumping on my face, knocking over lamps, chewing on my cords… can you imagine? Well, although CBD doesn’t solve those problems it has helped tremendously in other ways.

After using the CBD oil for a few weeks I have found that my runt of the litter has more of an appetite and has actually put on some weight. They have calmed down a bit (but, how much can kittens really calm down?)

My kittens are now getting big, healthy, and I’m now able to keep them as calm and collected as kittens can be.

CBD oil for Kittens

Dosage of CBD Oil for Kittens

A few tips when giving your pet CBD oil/treats/pills is to always follow the directed dosage. Also, make sure you look for 100% organic as non-organic can contain toxic pesticides and herbicides that could be harmful. Do your research on the product you are interested in.

CBD oil typically lasts 4-6 hours and depending on the size, breed, age, and physical activity of your pet, you can see some results in between 14-45 minutes.

The great thing about CBD oil for pets is you’re usually able to use it yourself, too—which means you and your cat can hang out and have a chill night together! Put a drop under your tongue, or even in a tea and relax. 

What CBD products do you use for you and your pets? Drop a comment below and follow us @cannalifenet.