Colorado Doctors Sue After Losing Licenses For Over-Prescribing Cannabis

Colorado is one state that has gained a ton of notoriety the past few years after they legalized cannabis use medically and recreationally. Even though doctors are able to prescribe medical cannabis in the state, a few are now in hot water over how much they prescribed.

Four doctors recently had their licenses suspended after supposedly giving increasing amounts of prescribed cannabis. These doctors are now suing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as a result of the suspensions.

A complaint was made in the Denver County Court on July 21st, and it claims that the state “illegally adopted a secret policy” which sets a limit on how much cannabis doctors are allowed to prescribe. The complaint noted that, “The Board relies on an illegal unpublished ‘rule’ that provided it is substandard care per se for physicians to authorize medical marijuana in excess of 75 marijuana plants to patients without cancer.”

Attorney Robert Corry is representing the four doctors, and he has experience in helping fight for the rights of cannabis patients in the past. Corry helped several hundred patients in 2009, by persuading the Board of Health to not reinstate a limit on how many patients could be given cannabis by any single caregiver.

The doctors are seeking reinstatement of their licenses, as well as a voiding of the regulation that they were in violation of.