Photo by: Jez Timms

When you think of sparkling water, you probably think of La Croix, White Claw, or Nude. The alcoholic sparkling water craze filled a huge demand for low-calorie drinks in a market saturated with beverages with high sugar content. But the beverage industry has quickly realized that sparkling water doesn’t have to limit its infusions to just alcohol.

Cannabis-infused sparkling water has been taking off in both Canada and the US and it’s not hard to see why. For social situations, those who would usually opt for a joint instead of a drink now have the perfect alternative that they can sip on. And unlike edibles like brownies or cookies that can take hours to kick in, users will consistently get high 15 to 30 minutes after their first sips.

The nascent cannabis drink industry has been gaining considerable traction in both Canada and the states—and now one of the biggest players in the US beverage game has jumped onboard. Molson Coors Beverage Company made its debut into the US cannabis market this week with Veryvell, a new line of CBD-infused sparkling water. 

Molson Coors US

Veryvell is already available in Canada, but this marks the debut of the Molson Coors brand in the US. And since the laws are different for our friends to the south, the beverage will only be containing CBD, not both THC and CBD like its Canadian version. The beverage has been launched exclusively in Colorado, a market already flourishing with cannabis-infused beverages, under the company’s subsidiary, Truss CBD USA.

Each can of Veryvell’s hemp-derived, adaptogenic sparkling water contains 20 mg of CBD, sourced locally from Colorado, and has no calories or sugar. The new product comes with three different flavors to choose from (Grapefruit-Tarragon, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Blueberry Lavender). And as far as pricing goes, you won’t find your regular La-Croix prices for getting a hit of CBD; a four-pack will set you back $14.99.

This is exciting news for our Coloradan friends, but lucky for us Canadians, Veryvell is already available here. You can also find cannabis-infused sparkling water brands like Everie, Quatreau, and Mollo. online and at retailers. 

Molson Coors cannabis beverage US

Molson Coors rebranded in 2019 from a beer company to a beverage company, marking its transition from just beer into wine, kombucha, and now cannabis drinks. As Colorado is a state with an already burgeoning craft CBD-infused beverage scene, it makes sense that the beer giant has decided to go with the already-regulated market first. 

The business of cannabis drinks is on the rise, with many partnerships being made for mass-market distribution. Aphria agreed last year to buy US craft beer company Sweetwater Brewing Co., and then merged with Tilray (a partner of Anheuser-Busch InBev) and Constellation Brands Inc. also has a partnership with Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth Corp.

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