DabTabs Measured-Dose ‘Dablets’ Offer First-Ever, Lab-Certified Dosing for Cannabis Extract Vaporization

Vaporization technology startup ilo Vapor™ announces that its patent-pending DabTabs™ dablets are lab-certified for precise volume and purity, providing consumers of cannabis extracts and concentrates with quantified dosing and true vaporization.

PORTLAND, Ore., May 14, 2019 (Newswire.com) – ​ilo Vapor™, a vaporization technology and engineering company, has secured independent lab certification verifying that its patent-pending DabTabs™ “dablets” are the first-ever, precisely measured dosable extract and concentrate delivery devices for cannabis and hemp vaporization.

DabTabs are the first and only cannabis products that conform to the ASTM C373 testing standard for the accurate measurement of volume down to one-thousandth of a gram, creating standardization and accurate cannabinoid dosing for medical and adult-use consumers.

Additionally, the material used in DabTabs is NSF/ANSI 61 compliant, a standard which ensures that the materials used in DabTabs are pure enough to be used in drinking water filtration systems.

“The alternative health space is becoming crowded with brands and inventions claiming measured dose cannabis solutions,” said Ray Utech, Vice President of Finance for ilo Vapor. “From what we can ascertain, our products are the first to be backed by testing and lab certifications that consumers can rely on to consistently control and measure their cannabis experience.”

DabTabs brand dablets are made in the United States from naturally occurring, mineral-based ceramic and hold a precise volume of liquid extract or concentrate. Filled DabTabs are stable and dry to the touch in any ambient environment. When a DabTab reaches the recommended vaporization temperature, it gently vaporizes the material within, free of combustion and the associated negative byproducts.

“Our products are the very first to offer a lab-certified, truly precise dose of cannabis while offering consumers a mess-free, full-spectrum vaporization experience,” said Michael Lindars, CEO and co-founder of ilo Vapor. He continued, “Our years of research and testing have led us to produce an American-made product that ensures unequivocal dosing, an undertaking attempted by other technology companies and now realized by DabTabs brand dablets.”

In quarter three of 2019, ilo will expand the DabTabs product line beyond the original 50 mg dablet, providing additional dosing choices for extract consumers: VapeBits™ dablets will offer a 25 mg dose, well-suited for portable vaporization devices and new consumers. DabStones™ will provide a robust 150 mg dose for medical users, larger devices, high-tolerance consumers or social settings.

Through a series of strategic national partnerships with extraction processors, DabTabs dablets are now publicly available under multiple cannabis brands in medical and recreational cannabis programs in California, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland. ilo’s products are set to quickly expand national coverage, with additional 2019 launches expected in Arizona, Michigan, Delaware, Rhode Island, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, Florida and Canada.

About ilo Vapor, maker of DabTabs:

Founded in 2016, ilo Vapor™, a division of Iconic Ventures Inc., has been quietly developing groundbreaking new technology for cannabis consumption, engineering innovative products that deliver unparalleled vaporization experiences. ilo Vapor is a Portland, Oregon based technology, brand and product development company engineering patent-pending vaporization technology devices.