Dispensary owner accuses Saskatoon Police of intimidation tactics

The owner of the Saskatchewan Compassion Club, the dispensary targeted in a raid by Saskatoon Police last week, claims officers are now trying to prevent the public from supporting his cause.

In an interview with Jason Wilcox of Cannabis in Canada, Mark Hauk said he is being targeted.

“Saskatoon Police are going out of their way to intimidate local business owners into not conducting fundraisers for us.” Hauk said.

He also claims there has been an effort to permanently shut down his compassion club.

“I heard from our leasing agent today (Thursday) and the police have been putting pressure on them to get us out of the building,”  Hauk said.  “That’s my first-hand account but I wouldn’t repeat it if I didn’t think it to be very true.”

When asked if Saskatoon Police had approached any business owners or Hauk’s leasing agent, Public Affairs Director Alyson Edwards said she is “not aware of it and police are not making any further comments on the case.”

Hauk reopened the dispensary on Monday in an effort to help patients find new sources for their medicine.

Protests have been held since the Saskatchewan Compassion Club was raided on Oct. 29th, and there is another rally scheduled for 1 pm Saturday at the Saskatoon police station.

Supporters have set up a fundraiser to help Saskatchewan Compassion Club patients.