Supporters Raise Funds for Saskatchewan Compassion Club

After the being raided by police Oct. 29, supporters have set up a fundraiser to help Saskatchewan Compassion Club patients.

Organizer Bobbi Dean-Janzen has set a $5000 goal for the campaign to help displaced patients like Saskatchewan Compassion Club staff member Lane Britnell, who was arrested and charged as part of the raid by city police.

Before becoming involved with the Saskatchewan Compassion Club, Britnell suffered from Crohn’s disease and had a prescription for medical cannabis, but costs to treat the illness without the compassion club will run to $4000 a month.

According to the fundraiser, police also raided Britnell’s and Saskatchewan Compassion Club operator Mark Hauk’s homes, seizing their personal medication.

“In the last few days symptoms have already begun to return for Lane and in another week he will worsen becoming quite weak,” Dean-Janzen wrote. “He will not have the strength to fight for others let alone against his disease.”

A protest has also been scheduled by organizers against the Saskatoon police force, Nov. 7, for raiding the dispensary and preventing other local businesses from fundraising for the club.

“The SPS have such an abundance of resources and intelligence, that they have actually been out and threatened at least one business owner for attempting to hold a fundraiser in support of the club,” the protest’s Facebook event page read. “I have also learned they have been harassing and placing great pressure on our landlord to have us permanently evicted from the building in which we currently reside.”

In addition, a fundraiser has been organized for the club, in Saskatoon, Nov. 16.