Dispensary Regulation: The Don Briere Interview

In this part of our three-part series on Vancouver’s move to regulate dispensaries, CinC Founding Director Jason Wilcox speaks with Don Briere, who offers cannabis products from a chain of eight stores in Vancouver including Weeds Glass and Gifts.

Vancouver this week decided to ignore the bureaucracy and outdated policies of the federal government and regulate medical cannabis dispensaries. While the dispensaries are beyond the scope of Health Canada, who only governs cultivation of medical cannabis, it may be assumed that the Harper government is not pleased with lawmakers in the Lower Mainland.

Vancouver’s decision may well provide a template for other municipalities across Canada whose constituents are frustrated by the federal government’s continued prohibition. We’ll also speak to Don Briere and Dana Larsen about how this will affect our medicine and our communities.

Stay tuned, and onward we grow!

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