Distribution of CBD Beverages To Begin

NEWPORT BEACH, CA–(Marketwired – May 15, 2017) – ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is launching distribution for The Antidote CBD line of drinks, which include beverages designed for energy, focus, or relaxation. Advantis is doing a soft launch of the product through its existing product pipeline, before introducing it to convenience, healthy and natural food stores throughout the US.

The agreement to distribute this new line of CBD-based beverages was an easy decision, according to Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz. “Cannabis has so many effective uses for the human body, I just love all these innovative solutions that help with the daily ‘human condition,'” Swartz said. “Using CBD to create elixirs for things like energy, relaxation and pain management, helping the mind focus… CBD and other extracts are at the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry, and we are at the forefront by marketing products like The Antidote.” CBD is an extract from the marijuana plant that studies have shown to have several beneficial health benefits. CBD extract is legal for distribution and consumption across the United States. Each serving of the The Antidote CBD drinks contain 20MG of ‘hemp extract.’ “I am excited to begin distribution of this product because creates opportunity in two ways,” Swartz explained. “First, we already have a high demand for this product from our existing client base; second, and more importantly, is that this drink allows us to begin creating relationships with health food and convenience stores throughout the country. It is an instant expansion of opportunity and will create another product pipeline for introduction of additional products to the consumer space. Finally, this is a premium quality product that we have tasted and tested — I immediately knew that we had to market The Antidote.”

Advantis has been adding several new products to its lineup this year. Swartz reiterated that client relationships continue to expand as the high product quality and attention to customer service fuels demand for every product Advantis provides or produces. “This is a targeted strategy,” Swartz expanded. “Creating value with our relationships — the value of reliable, quality products and brand recognition. As we expand these win-win relationships and create new ones, opportunity and the Advantis reach grows exponentially. We are becoming known in the industry as the place to go if you want to expand your distribution channels or create a branding strategy. Growers, distributors and dispensaries are now beginning to reach out to us, thanks to the marketing efforts and networking efforts we have made so far.” Swartz concluded by stating that there are more exciting products being launched in the coming weeks and months. “This is an exciting year of growth for Advantis, and the snowball is gaining momentum. We have a few proprietary products we are launching along with additional partner branded and co-branded products that will grow the existing product pipeline; and we are now developing the consumer product pipeline to propel further expansion. I am seriously excited about the things we are about to introduce… but that’s all I’ll say for now.”

Links to Advantis websites can be found at advantiscorp.com, theantidotecbd.com, elixicure.com, and amstercan.com

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