Testing in Canada with THC Delivery System Complete

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – May 15, 2017) – ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC PINK: VDRM), a specialty pharmaceutical company devoted to bringing new products to market, recently announced today that the company has completed Phase I testing under patents pending for delivering medical and recreational cannabinoids to the body. The testing was performed in British Columbia, Canada with THC and has proven very successful. The Company plans to conduct medical research and clinical trials to develop Cannabinoids-based pharmaceuticals and treatments for conditions including, but not limited to, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and migraines. The Company will also be pursuing the “Recreational Market” in Canada with expansion plans into the USA once the proper legal standards are addressed.

THC, CBD, and CDN are more commonly known Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis and Hemp plants but there are over 100 known Cannabinoids that our technology can be used for. As pharmaceutical companies develop different cannabinoids for treating various medical conditions our delivery system, we believe, will be the premiere way of dosing and delivering the medication transdermally,” said CEO Dr. Chris Otiko.

ViaDerma will be begin developing unique delivery systems for the effective delivery and dosage of recreational and medical cannabinoids and plans to start a grass roots product for both THC and non-THC Cannabinoids, both in a patch form, roll on and spray. The plans include distribution in every dispensary across Canada to start with, and add a website for global distribution.

The Company’s success of its first round of testing is compelling and the company plans to start continued Clinical Trials to ensure that the delivery system meets medical standards. The idea is to continue and expand testing to include pure Cannabinoid isolates, including pure THC oil, to ensure that developed products will be accepted by the medical community to treat illness as well as providing the recreational market with a more favorable alternative to smoking or ingesting.

Otiko said, “We are very excited our initial tests absorbed THC into the body using our proprietary patent pending delivery system for Cannabinoids by applying the medication onto the skin in an ointment based topical solution. Plans are, in addition to our own products, eventually license the technology to global Pharmaceutical Licensed Producers of Cannabinoids for their medical and recreational products as well as smaller companies that produce the Home-Grown Hand Crafted Strains of medical and recreational products.”

Earlier this year the Company signed a Licensing Agreement with a Canadian group with expertise in logistics and development that includes distribution for the new and anticipated products. The Management Company is developing the trial protocols, products, and eventually the sales for the new patent pending products to countries that have accepted “Medical Marijuana” and “Recreational Use” of cannabis products and technologies for the delivery of Cannabinoids. The management company will also target countries that allow the “Clinical Studies” for medical testing such as the United Kingdom and other Asian countries.

“In addition to that, initial production for Viabecline, our topical antibiotic ointment is on track, and we have started a new independent study in Texas to prove Viabecline’s efficacy in treating diabetic foot wounds. Our product for treating Premature Ejaculation is in its final stage of review for registration with the FDA,” said Dr. Otiko. “The Company plans to continue to expand its Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio in 2017.”

About ViaDerma, Inc.

ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC PINK: VDRM) is a publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company committed to bringing new products to market and licensing its innovative technology to current leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. ViaDerma’s lead product, Viabecline, uses an innovative transdermal delivery method that allows for application of active ingredients in a topical form. This patent-pending dual carrier transdermal technology may be applied in products within the medical and cosmetic markets. Also, a patent application using the combination of Cannabinoids with the delivery system was filed in 2017. For more information, please visit: www.viadermalicensing.com

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