Elevated Extracts, Terp Fire among big winners at Canadian Fire Bowl

Fortune Sound Club was seriously hotboxed last night during the debut Canadian Fire Bowl, a new and hopefully annual contest celebrating a range of primo pot products.

“It was smokey as fuck in there,” said emcee Craig Ex, who was still sounding hoarse the following day. “It was a close contest but in the end some absolutely fantastic products came out on top. I can’t wait until Round 2.”

There were roughly 40 entries in five different categories in the new contest organized by Miss Envy Botanicals and Mota Green Meds. Judges considered a range of factors including appearance, aroma, flavour and potency. Highlights from the Vancouver event, including an interview with musical guests Method Man and Redman, will be posted during the next episode of Expert Joints Live next Thursday (Feb. 2) at 4:20pm.

And the winners are:


1. Oreo – Tree of Life

2. Blessquik – VIP Edibles

3. Ginger Snaps — Stoney Kills


1.  Afgani bullrider BHO – Elevated Extracts

2. Gelato BHO – Shatterbeard

3. Taco Diesel BHO – Everlast Extracts

Flowers Categories


1. Northern Lights/White Lighting – Terp Fire

2. Afghani Bull Rider – Elevated Extracts

3. I Know Rasta Mike – Rasta Mike



1. Zombie Kush – Urban Grower

2. White widow – MGL Farms

3. Pinapple Skunk – Terp Fire



1. Face off – MMJ Canada

2. RockStar – Elevated Extracts

3. OG – MGL Farms