Exclusive Glenn Price Follow-Up Interview

CinC’s Founding Director Jason Wilcox is joined by Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters’ owner Glenn Price for an exclusive follow-up interview. The Winnipeg businessman was asked to shut down his dispensary by authorities after the city was confronted by anti-cannabis activist and full-time enemy of liberty, Pamela McColl. Price decided to ignore the request and the establishment was open for business this week, to great public support. (Watch the earlier interview here.)

As we wrote at the time of the call for the shop’s closure:

Winnipeg police have told Glenn Price, owner of Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters, a medical cannabis dispensary in Winnipeg, to shut down. The reason? Pamela McColl. “We said shut them down – it’s illegal,” said the anti-cannabis advocate. ‘They actually did something… They went to the dispensary and confronted the owner and told him to stop selling cannabis.’ McColl is 57 and lives in Vancouver has never been to the dispensary in question.

Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters’ owner Glenn Price said he’s been open and above board with the authorities. ‘I’m trying to be civil and polite about this,’ said Price. He said Mayor Brian Bowman responded to an email he sent him regarding wanting to meet to discuss the role of Price’s dispensary in the city. Now Price is hoping Bowman will be able to meet with him.

While Price doesn’t have a license to sell medical cannabis, his shop is connected to a doctor who writes prescriptions, has equipment to test the potency of the cannabis and issues photo ID cards for every customer. Every customer is over the age of 24 and most are 45 years of age and older, said Price, despite McColl’s claim that the ‘pot lobby’ is targeting children.

‘I’m helping patients where the federal government has failed us,” he said. “That’s the reason I started this whole thing.'”

It’s important that our voices be heard. Get on social media, and get at the “authorities” who don’t support the people and our plant:

Winnipeg Police Department: @wpgpolice
Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman: @Mayor_Bowman

Onward we grow!