fantasy islands and grassland sativa

Fantasy Island + Grasslands Sativa

Depending on your age, the words “Mister, Mister! The plane!” Bring a specific image to your mind of a particular actor. Fantasy Island on Fox brings the classic black and white show back with a beautiful new Mrs. Roarke. It’s a great pair with Grasslands Sativa, which has a THC content of 180mg/g and a CBD content of >1mg/g. 

Fantasy Island Show Highlights

The new show brought a lighter atmosphere than the recently released movie and made me cry at the end like a big softie. The show started with a bang and implied cannibalism that somehow manages to be positive and makes an involved viewer happy. As a woman over 30, the first guest of the series resonated. The character felt so real you rooted for her off the bat.

This batch of Grasslands Sativa doesn’t have much of a taste when smoking but is smooth in a bong, blunt or joint. The stash had a few larger leaves of trim parts mixed in with the buds, but the grass was crystal-covered and dense. The batch I bought off Alternative Greens had nice-sized buds on the smaller side and had a great kick overall.

Show Cast

Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain have created characters that feel believable. From the sweet old couple who were too perfect but still relatable to the seeming embodiment of the Island. It is worth noting the series premiere featured a little bit of everything. It’s incredibly inclusive, representing an accurate cross-section of our world.

The show has a schedule of many star-studded guest appearances with Bellamy Young from Prodigal Son, Dave and Odette Annable, and Melrose Place stars Laura Leighton, Josie Bissett and Daphne Zuniga. Fantasy Island looks to be a great prime-time show with a feel-good ending. The casual racism of the ’70s and ’80s is gone, and the show actively works to repay the debt.

Fantasy Island 2021 has many nods to the original, from images on Elena’s alter at the start of the episode to her greeting of the staff “Smiles, everyone, Smiles!” She is a woman in charge but lets the pilot in ever so much with a hinted affair and shows her enormous heart by caring for the terminally ill guest who comes to visit.

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