Weeds golf ball ready to get high stands tall on the shoulders of all Weeds employees

Fore20 Putting Challenge 2018

Check out the Putting Competition from the 3rd annual Fore20 Cup where the skilled contestants showed off their short game on the green- both on the grass and cannabis. Hosted at the beautiful Squamish Valley Country Club, the Fore20 Cup was a huge hit and it only grows bigger every year.

The 4 min and 20 sec video has suspense and drama- it was literally won by inches- and you’ll want to stay tuned for the happy ending!

The 420 Putting Challenge was sponsored by Jade Maple and the Cannabis Substitution Project and was hosted by Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints.

All proceeds went to the Cannabis Substitution Project, which is doing great work at the frontlines of Vancouver’s opioid crisis by giving out care packages that encourage the use of cannabis over opioids to help save lives through harm reduction. Neil Magnuson is the man behind it and he was there at Fore20 competing in the Putting Challenge.

The Fore20 Putting Challenge Winners

  1. Don Briere was the closest at 12.75”
  2. 14.625”
  3. 38.75”
  4. Doug got 39.625”
  5. Neil Magnuson, who was up first, got 51.75”

Watch as Craig goes into his “golf voice” as he announces Don Briere, the owner and operator of WEEDS, teeing off with his own WEEDS-branded golf ball.

After a practice run where he overshot the hole, Don gathered himself, relaxed his shoulders, and went for his putt- for real this time. He was the closest at 12.75”, with the second closest getting 14.625”- a difference of less than 2 inches!

Don won a dab rig and carb cap combo courtesy of the Cannabis Growers of Canada and the Cannabis Substitution Project received its biggest financial donation to date- $629.

But it got even better as Craig announced that Jeff Lundstrom from Skunk Funk matched the $620 to bring the total to $1258- all going to a very worthy cause focused on harm reduction by substituting cannabis for opioids.