Freedom Convoy 2022 Ottawa and across Canada

Trudeau said the Freedom Convoy didn’t represent Canadians. Ironic since in the last election only 1 in 10 Canadians actually voted for the Liberal Party. Trudeau said the truckers held views that were “unacceptable.” But should elected representatives decide which views are acceptable or not? It’s par the course for the man who also called the COVID vaccine-hesitant “racist,” and “sexist.”

Then, the inevitable happened, the truckers converged on Ottawa. Trudeau was nowhere to be found. Hiding in an undisclosed location with his family. While (former) Conservative leader Erin O’Toole went out and met with the protesters.

Meanwhile, the state broadcaster, CBC, speculated without any evidence that the real money and power behind the Freedom Convoy was… you guessed it, the Russians.

It seems that any kind of populism running counter to the corporate-state narrative is fascist.

Canada’s cannabis connoisseurs know this all too well.

One only needs to go back a few years to see how they treated BC Bud. Demonized as a bunch of biker gangs pushing mouldy weed on unexpecting children. Nothing but lies.

Lies that drove legalization. It wasn’t about your freedom to consume. It was a public health policy. The corporate press and government officials and politicians didn’t want the truth. That B.C. Bud consisted of peaceful people wanting to become part of the legal regime. They preferred their top-down authoritarian approach.

That’s why Canada’s cannabis connoisseurs have always used civil disobedience to further our ends. Whether it’s the 4/20 protests that take part across the country or the “illegal” dispensaries that once populated street corners in virtually every major city in the country. It is through constant and consistent disobedience that cannabis was finally legalized. And even then, it wasn’t done according to the common law legal traditions underpinning the nation.

Truckers from across Canada peacefully assembled at Coutts, Alberta
Peacefully assembled Canadian Truckers at Coutts, Alberta border crossing.

And it is because of civil disobedience that the truckers are winning.

Mandates are being dropped across the country. Politicians and the corporate press can pretend like the Freedom Convoy had nothing to do with it. But we’ve seen and heard enough of their lies to understand where the real power resides.

Elites like Trudeau like to pretend they’re above us and know what’s best for us. But at the end of the day, they are afraid of us. When protestors descended on the nation’s capital, Trudeau fled like Bautista when Fidel Castro strolled into Havana.

The Freedom Convoy is hope that a freer and fairer market is within reach.

Since March 2020 politicians have been attempting to build a digital Berlin Wall with the help of their lapdogs in the media. The Freedom Convoy is proof that this wall is falling. That it never stood a chance.