Getting Gelly with It How Gel Might Transform Cannabis Treatments

Getting Gelly with It: How Gel Might Transform Cannabis Treatments

What if I told you that medicinal cannabis could take a new form soon? This upcoming gel might transform cannabis treatments.

PreveCeutical, a pharmaceutical company based in Vancouver, recently acquired the rights to commercialize “Sol-Gel” technology. Sol-Gel, developed by a group of researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia, is basically a spray that shoots out a jet of liquid. The liquid then transforms into a gel when it comes into contact with any of our internal membranes, which are tissues that line our inner body. Easily accessible membranes, such as the inside of our nose, is likely where the spray will target. PreveCeutical has stated that a nasal spray is a primary tech they are working towards, meaning a quick pump into our noses could deliver cannabinoids to our body. Meaning, those looking for new ways to meet medical cannabis needs could be using spray bottles in the near future.

Sol-Gel : How Gel Might Transform Cannabis Treatments
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Why Gel Over Other Cannabis Treatments

So, what exactly are the benefits of the Sol-Gel spray over other forms of cannabis treatments? For the most part, different kinds of cannabis have varying levels of bioavailability when they go through our bodies. Edibles and other oral forms of cannabis have some of the lowest levels of bioavailability, with averages of 4 to 20 percent. Meaning, only a fraction of the CBD will actually reach the bloodstream as it goes through our digestive system. Inhaling cannabis is a lot better, sitting at averages of 27 to 60 percent. The problem is that inhaled forms of cannabis are the most likely to be banned by landlords. So, for renters, there’s a decent possibility that you can’t light up in your living premises, which is pretty inconvenient.

PreveCeutical’s new gel spray could circumvent these issues quite nicely. The gel sticks to your inner membrane, so it doesn’t get lost through digestion like oral alternatives. Also, it’s a spray, so landlords can’t stop you from using it like smoking and vapes. PreveCeutical has also been fine-tuning the spray to make it more effective than conventional nasal sprays. The gel-based solution bypasses a lot of the nose’s natural self-cleaning mechanisms, resulting in greater bioavailability.

So once the spray hits the market, we could use it to treat a host of different health problems. PreveCeutical intends Sol-Gel for “pain, inflammation, seizures and neurological disorders.”

We hope the gel procedure transform cannabis treatments for good! What is your opinion on using gel for cannabis treatments? Let us know in the comments below and do follow us @cannalifenet.