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7 Great Go-to Holiday Gift Ideas for your Best Buds

The holidays are fast approaching, only 17 days until Christmas, so it may be time to start shopping! Here are 7 great go-to gift ideas for your best buds.

Grinder for the Buds

Photo from: Etsy

The first gift idea on the list is very practical, as a good grinder always comes in handy! With so much variety in colours and styles, why not pick out a unique grinder that you know your friend will love. Etsy is a great place to find some different ones, and as a bonus, your purchase will be supporting a small business. Click here to jump to the page.

Give them the ultimate snack pack

snack pack

More often than not, munchies are a real struggle. What if you made a really thoughtful collection of your friends’ favorite snacks. Maybe you have a box filled with some smarties, Doritos, trail mix, whatever they would like best. You could get as creative as you want with this. I know that when the time comes, they will really appreciate this. Some of these could even include edibles.

For your buddy who likes to cook

Photo by: Chapters

These days, there are so many interesting new ways to infuse cannabis into your foods. This awesome cookbook is well-rated and has over 65 recipes to test out. If you are interested, here is the link. But, there are plenty of similar books out there too!

Gift ideas for the stylish stoner

gift ideas for stylish stoner
Photo from: Rage Nation Apparel

For your friends who like to wear clothing that is artistic and creative, this is an idea of something to get them as a gift. Perhaps they would like a nice shawl to wrap up in, a hoodie, or even a bucket hat! This website has it all and in all sorts of imaginative designs. There really is something for everyone. Click here to check out their website for yourself.

For your friend who likes to play games

for friend who play games
Photo from: Amazon

Okay, this one might be a bit strange, but hear me out, it is fun to get super baked and sit around playing random bored games with your best buds. And, I don’t think it gets much more random than GanjaLand! Check it out on Amazon here.

For your friend that likes to drink

gift idea for drink lovers
Photo from: Chapters

This is another fun gift to get a friend. Many people have tried making edibles before, but not make have tried making their own cannabis-infused beverages. This book has a collection of 75 different infusions to test out. Click here to find out more details.

Never a bad gift idea

Photo from: Zippo

Last but not least, a good gift for anyone who smokes is a nice lighter. Hopefully one they won’t lose! Just like the grinder, a lighter is a very practical gift and can come in so many diverse styles. It should be easy to find one that you think your friend would like. Zippo has hundreds of lighters to choose from, click here to see for yourself. But again, you don’t have to shop there, these are just ideas to help you find the right gift for your bud.

Have you got some of your Christmas shopping done yet? Let us know in the comments below if you can think of other gift ideas. Follow @cannalifenet for more related information.

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