Today marks my one year anniversary of being a legal Cannabis patient.  I’ve been chasing the fabled 5 dollar gram from day one out of a combination of need and a matter of principle.  I refuse to take part in the belief that a pricier gram is a more medicinal gram.  And I refuse to feed into the capitalistic machine that allows medicine to be profitable.  Believe you me, that 5 dollar gram is still making loads of profit!

My first producer was Bedrocan where I had “True Compassionate Pricing” and months of choosing from 6 different $5 grams. Today I would pay $8.50 with a compassionate price of $6.80.  Their selection dropped to 5 strains and half of them are usually only available pre-ground or what they call “Granulated”.

Next I jumped to MedReleaf where I once again had the choice of 2 different $5 grams.  Within months those began to waver in supply to the point where I really only had one to choose from.  It was like buying on the street all over again!  A few months later both of those $5 grams jumped to $6.50 without warning and remain at that price today.

Next I hooked up with Organigram where I always paid between $5.25 and $6.50 per gram.  Today I couldn’t buy a gram even with my compassionate pricing under $7.50.  Not that I would.  Although I thank them for taking care of that pesky appetite and weight problem I had, I can’t wait to see what happens with that class action law suit!

I ran for abcann when given the chance but could only ever afford their pre-ground for about $5.35 a gram and now I can’t even buy for under $8.50 a gram.  Once abcann started trading on the stock market, bye-bye went the $5 grams.

Finally I settled with Aurora and after kissing so many frogs I was so happy with them- still am!  I once again qualified for their compassionate pricing of $5 grams, which was down from $8. But this ended today and effective June 1st, all Aurora grams are $9, $6 with discount.

Goodbye 5 dollar gram, we had a good run!

Part of the Health Canada regulations for Licensed Producers is a restriction on marketing and advertising.  But allowing them to make their own prices IS marketing and it leads patients to jump from one to the other searching desperately for the illusion of affordability.  How can you still allow any kind of self-regulation in healthcare amid capitalism?  It defies logic that anything good will come of it.

So many things happen today, actually.  I have my one-year performance review where I work, and I hope it comes with a raise because now that Aurora increased the price of my medicine by 20%, I’ll surely need one!

I can see a glimmer of hope in the future for me though, as I patiently wait for Health Canada to approve my application to grow my own in my closet for under $1 a gram.  Honestly, feeling healthy shouldn’t be this stressful or expensive!

  • bob

    same old shit///pillage the customer with restricted sellers

  • Turner Kayston

    Typical, corporate greed… and to think, it costs them no more than $0.60 ~ $2.20 / gram to produce their inferior, chemical ridden products. yuck!

    Never mind organized crime, we have authorized crime all around us!

    All the more reason we’ll need organic, micro-budding and craft cannabis growers…

    Avoid the mass produced, inferior, Wal-Mart, machine trimmed, irradiated, chemically fertilized, pesticide infused & marinated Cannabis – we already have big tobacco for those harms!

  • Robert Wright

    The greed is only going to get worse the so called black market will make more money than ever when the government and their greedy LP friends drive the price up to $25 a gram the illegal market will charge $20 a gram they will be swimming in money.

    • Dianna Donnelly

      Or will more LP’s mean lower prices? Even today, I see the LPs scrambling to hold onto patients. They’re feeling a rush right now, but it won’t last long. Our dollar is our voice. Some will pay through the nose, and the rest of us will work the system to find a way. Time will tell! #GYO

      • Doris

        (Big A) – LP’s have been doomed from the get go…they have’nt collected yet.

        (Big B) – They can’t even grow for 150k Canadians…constantly running out…bad rep…

        (Big C) – Meanwhile…collectives and grey market alike are supplying 10 million Canadian cannabis afficianados. They seem to have the seed to sale well organized.

        (Big D) – LP’s shareholders are salivating the venue of rec.

        (Big E) – Rec is allready been taking care off by (Big C).

        (Big F) – Expect a big price drop when rec hits and green thumbs hit the yards…;?)

        (Big G) – Them Big LP’s don’t stand a chance hustling Gamma-Irradiated burnt Terpines.

        • Dianna Donnelly

          A) if you think they’re going anywhere, you’re very mistaken.
          B) that’s why Health Cda has ramped up the approval process for more.
          C) seriously? Are they all tested for pesticides? NO!!!!!! So not there yet.
          D) nothing new there–it’s 2017 in capitalism–other industries are ok to you?
          E) not in my city or many many other cities in Canada
          F) prices will steady soon yes.
          G) fyi: every spice you’ve ever bought in a grocery store has been gamma-radiated. Not all LPs do this. Some also cold-pasteurize. Many patients and patient advocates would put your beliefs to rest here as for any immuno compromised patients, ingesting micro-organism or mold is severely detrimental to their recovery. YES I agree we need testing on this.


          • Doris

            Dr Ethan Russo wrote that Gamma-irradiation BURNS Terpines.

            Terpines are real important for the cannabis to synergise (entourage effect).

            He wrote that the effects of ”SMOKING” Gamma-irradiated cannabis could be DETRIMENTAL for your health

            To resume…your Gamma irradiated LP cannabis might be real bad for you.

            And… you are getting short changed by buying low quality cannabis.

          • Turner Kayston

            Where can I read that from? He’s well respected too.

          • Doris

            Google it…he comes first…;?)

            Ethan Russo terpines…

            Any of his papers or you tube videos is a must.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            My LP doesn’t gamma radiate. I did my research.


          • Dianna Donnelly

            I can’t wait for the studies on this kind of thing. I don’t support gamma radiation. I support legal cannabis and I support being able to write it off at year end. Can you claim your medicine on your taxes at year end? Mine got me a nice fat refund!

          • Doris

            Big C was not ”Big Corporation” on me paper.
            Bic C was the THIRD LINE of me text.

            Read : (BIG C) ”Meanwhile… (farmers) collectives and grey market
            alike are supplying 10,000,000 Canadian cannabis aficianados.
            They seem to have the seed to sale well organized.

            LP’s have 150,000 unhappy cannabis captive.

            Craft Canna supply the 9,850,000 other cannabis users.

            I beleive LP’s to be billion dollar white elephants.

            Price will eventually plumet and they will sadly lose their shirts.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            That’s odd. I speak to patients every single day at work and many are very happy with the results they’ve gotten from their LP medicine. I work at Canadian Cannabis Clinics legalizing patients. Our Doctors respect our right to grow too. All covered by provincial insurance.

          • Doris

            So you are a LP’s shill.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            No, I counsel new patients on the safe and legal use of Cannabis. Our clinic also signs GYO scripts covered by provincial insurance. You’re pretty naive to think that these corporations are going to spend this kind of money and not learn how to grow. “When we know better, we do better.”-Maya Angelou. Yes they had issues and now HC is testing from all of them. This is how industry is created. You can also save your vitriol for the deserving capitalists at the clinics who charge for assessments and GYO scripts rather than calling me a LP shill. Cheers Doris!

          • Doris

            You are.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            Well Doris, that’s the thing about opinion. You have your opinions of me and that’s fine. Those things don’t bother me anymore. You don’t understand how many Canadians are actually getting relief from these products and this program. Is your pharmacist a Pharmacy Shill? But he or she is still needed right? Or are you so naive that you think you can live without them too? Please look outside your own bubble Doris. Thousands of people are finally feeling health because of this program. It’s not perfect but it’s evolving and yes, I’ll stick with it while it does. I’m glad you have an opinion though!!

          • Doris

            I have more than opinions…

            I have a 2006 Health Canada Licence and 5,000 hours of cannabis research.

            MMPR LP’s system has not work well for sick Canadians…tainted weed, constantly running out, hermies, etc.

            Home grow and Canadian Farmers is the way to go.

            You don’t need a 50 million dollar safe, Fort Knox security, big air conditionning, big fans, big electricity bills to grow quality cannabis. Not green.

            Big white elephants they are. Only keeps prices artificialy high.

            The solution is to let our Canadian farmers grow cannabis.

            You will then see cannabis prices drop to tomato levels. Who needs insurance when cannabis is priced at 10$ a pound.

            But Trudeau wants to keep some kind of prohibition alive, so his friend Chuck Rifici can make millions.

            Canadian tax payers are footing the bill at the tune of 1.3 billion dollars for the police to bust canadians and Bill Blair want more dollars for his police to bust cannabis growers who don’t have the millions to become LP.

            Trudeau’s prohibition 2.0 will not work… way too restrictive.

            Besides…all ”Government Cannabis Expert” (police, doctors) are non-user…read, they don’t know cannabis.

            Wrong folks for the job as they think cannabis is harmfull.

            They don’t know about the Endocanabinoid System.

            But in time…more and more folks will get to know cannabis and the stygma will go away.

            Hope to see it in my life time…living with pain in a iron lung is not pleasant.

    • Dianna Donnelly

      And as long as we keep paying those prices, they will rise. Don’t pay the price, the price comes down. It will take time to steady–as we’re seeing now–but the market will decide.

      The good thing is that now we see new users coming out and $10 a gram average is lunacy to them! THEY will be the ones to bring it down. We regular users were used to choosing a quarter ounce of Cannabis over a 6-pack of beer or over many other things so we’re used to paying out the nose to feel good. New users are appalled at the price.

      We need society to come out kicking that this medicine is priced the same regardless of whether the seller has a white coat on or a motorcycle jacket on. We will be the deciding force behind the pricing and the quality in my opinion.

  • Lori

    I think you get what you pay for and $5 grams from LP’s are so inferior in quality it really makes more sense to find a free market dispensary. LP’s have already been cited for using harsh chemicals and I certainly wouldnt trust them moving forward. You will pay $8-12 a gram but the quality will be 10 times better and go alot farther. I cannot even imagine buying ground up shake from these pesticide ridden plants. Do yourself a favour and buy quality cannabis from like minded Canadians that really care about the product they create. Most LP patients complain about no stock and slow shipping times. I dont know how these companies think they will keep up with recreational supply. Justin’s fake legalization is just not gonna work.

    • Dianna Donnelly

      I too want storefronts, but please don’t think that ALL dispensaries are run, supplied, or worked by ethical compassion. We have no more surety that the canna sold in a dispensary has been grown any more safely or priced any more ethically! And THAT is a travesty in itself. Why do I continue to buy from a LP?
      1) makes me legal
      2) no storefronts in my area
      3) write off at year end

      Our dollar is our voice. With enough voices, we can change capitalism.
      Write your MPP and MP to demand regulated storefronts! 🙂

      • Doris

        Gamma-irradiated cannabis might be really bad for your health, as it never been studied on smoked cannabis.

        It also destroy needed terpines for the entourage effect.

        Read Dr. Ethan Russo.

        It’s russian roulette unless you grow your own.

        • Dianna Donnelly

          Absolutely, which is why you get yourself a producer that doesn’t gamma-radiate. They do exist. Btw, we’re on the same side here but there are TOO MANY patients who are too old, sick, or unable to grow their own. It is no more realistic to expect a 70 year old to grow his own Cannabis as to grow his own groceries. Are you also going to say he shouldn’t buy from a grocery store? The LPs are going nowhere and they are somewhat necessary as more than 50% of us CANNOT grow our own medicine.

          The Cannabis industry is in its infancy. We don’t need to scrap the whole plan, we just need to demand better and how and who you buy from is how change is created.

          • Lori

            The LP’s already lied about contaminated product, how do you know for sure what company are gamma radiating! I wouldnt touch LP weed if it was the last product on earth……online is the way to go folks……

          • Dianna Donnelly

            How do you know dispensaries aren’t? How do you know they aren’t selling cannabis grown with Eagle 20? You don’t know and neither do I.

            If somewhere in my words, you read that I am all for the LP model then you are mistaken. GYO … i will soon. My license is in the mail to me now! But I’m realistic about all of the players in this game as it’s a part of my livelihood. Good discussion! Now write your mp & Mpp!!

          • Doris

            Dispensaries are served by MMAR growers who use their own medecine.

            Why would they poison themselves and others?

            Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton is on record saying that he never use the stuff.

            LP’s just do not know what they are doing.

            I grow me own. But if i was to purchase weed…i would buy from a collective as i do not trust LP’s nor Health Canada.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            It’s great that you can do that Doris and it’s great that you wouldn’t worry about the legality or the tax write off at year end. I and most of the patients I see, are not in the same position as you. We require legality.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            The testing from HC is getting a lot more strict. This is growing pains and I agree with you that the whole program needs work, but because of the recent recalls, we now have testing. And, I was directly affected by Organigram’s contaminated product. I’m now 10-15 pounds lighter and have my name in the class action law suit. What I want is choice. Write your Mp and Mpp if you agree!

          • Doris


            Organigram sold tainted junk for a year before a journalist wrote about the caper.

            LP’s don’t know what they are doing.

            H.C. is not any better.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            I don’t even think Organigram were selling for a year when it happened. LOL you need to do some research. And, do what you want. Parents and seniors, children and babies are all getting legal to be legal. If you were to advise them they’d all be in cuffs. Grow up.

          • Doris

            If LP’s would stop lobbying for folks to be arrested for using or selling cannabis, there would be no arrest.

            No prison for pot.

            Free the weed Freddie.

          • Doris

            Your ”i’m legal and your not” stance is nonsense

            Any sick Canadian who uses cannabis is legal in my book.

            Who’s judge will throw my stage 4 cancer mother in jail because she grows 4 cannabis plant at her house?

            Grow up!

          • Dianna Donnelly

            Do you see test results for the Cannabis you buy from your dispensary?

      • Lori

        I do not want government controlled product. I will however pay my taxes which are collected with every purchase I make NOW. I smoke cannabis as a lifestyle not for medical purposes. Try an established online dispensary, I do not frequent walk-in dispensaries either as there are none at all where I live. and yes I have been smoking Vancouver product for decades and these people are true craft growers. These cannabis farmers have an industry standard that I would pit against any LP just in it for profit. The fact government wont take the time to listen and work with these pillars of the industry should tell you they want profit all for themselves. As a medical patient you should not be forced to deal with Government LP’s. Same people that have prohibited pot for decades are now in charge of whats best for us?? I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the quality of online world, it is a free market geared towards the connoisseur. I have been totally impressed as to the rising quality of strains, genetics and commitment to this awesome plant over many years. I ever only wanted decriminalization and with Justin’s fake Legalization the road ahead for those who want to take the Government path is much more fraught with concern than the illegal path that has shown much more experience and dedication to the whole process. In my mind the LP’s are the cartels not Cannabis Farmers. Do yourself a favour start supporting Canadian craft farmers who smoke what they create…………cheers,

        • Doris

          Amen Bro

        • Dianna Donnelly

          We can agree to disagree and see what happens. I personally believe that regulation is good for society and I don’t believe the dispensaries–online or otherwise–offer any more surety of good product or price than the LPs do. We need proper regulation. I can’t wait to see what happens. You can be sure I’ll tell my MP and my MPP what I want to see!

        • Dianna Donnelly

          But others do want well regulated product. Others want coverage from insurance and assistance programs. And they’ll get coverage when it’s regulated. I find it often where some cannabis users feel that because they have access, prices, friends who grow, that the rest of do also. We need the producers to supply well regulated medicine to the thousands of canadians getting legal. I’ll support craft growers when they enter the game, but til now I only recommend what’s legal. Cheers!

  • quel-y

    First of all, prices are going to drop significantly upon legalization of recreational cannabis. It may take a few years but it will happen and the average selling price will be nearly half what it is today. Half!

    Second, making a profit isn’t greed it’s called business. All producers, legal and illegal, make a profit from their production. Personally I wish craft producers had a much easier road to selling weed legally but they don’t. They do have the advantage of quality and I’ll pay more for quality. The problem is the federal government, they grant licenses only to large businesses who have invested a minimum of $5 Million in their facilities, and more likely $15+Million. And the problem is getting worse. That approach does not support quality craft producers and also will not make much of a dent in the illegal market.

    Until the government decides to make a change in how they grant dealer licenses, the big producers will continue to snuff out the craft producers who built this industry, and that’s fucking sad.

    Today supply matches demand, whether it’s legal or illegal. With massive 1 million sq. ft. facilities coming online from Canopy and Aurora, and others, we’ll soon have an oversupply and the prices will start to drop. Hang in there, prices will get better!

    Every producer should try to grow outdoors or in greenhouses to keep their costs down for the coming legal market. Focus on quality too, it’s the only way to compete with the massive mega producers.

    • Robert Wright

      What do you call a business that deliberately sprays myclobutanil on their cannabis knowing it will make people sick I call it greedy profiteering at other peoples expense.
      I will not be buying anything from LP’s in this case these LP’s they are not only greedy they have no morals and don’t care who they poison fro profit.
      Five of them have already been caught using banned chemicals my guess is the rest are doing it also and just haven’t caught yet.
      I will put what I can grow legally against that crap LP’s are selling any day mine will be free of chemicals and organically grown it will be more potent taste better and be perfectly cured.

      • Doris

        I agree a 110%.

        They were supposed to lose their licenced if they ever fuck-up…

        They did big time !!!

        Nothing happened. ..

        Health Canada is a joke.

        I simply don’t understand a stage 4 cancer patient buying from LP’s.

        These folks will research buying a house or a car to no end.

        But (they) cannot be bothered to search Google for an alternative to LP’s junk ?

        The LP market is a monopoly fit to keep CRAZY artificial price on cannabis.

        Not the future.

        If they want to recreate the Pharma market, they are mistaking big time.

        But authorities won’t be able to keep folks down much longer.

        More old sick folks are dropping Pharma for cannabis everyday.

        And they feel much better for it.

        The word gets around fast…

        More and more foks are starting to grow 5 plants at home.

        Eventually…cannabis will be almost free.

        Just like Hemp Hearts.

        Our Canadian farmers will grow it by the tons.

        We will have 46 abandoned Multi-Billion dollar building like Tweed’s with 100 million dollar Fort Knox safe, 2000 security cameras, etc for sale with no buyers.

        Wrong model.

        • Dianna Donnelly

          Except that the dispensary prices are about the same.

          No one is innocent here, we’re still working off of “dime-bag” prices some 50 years later. We need better regulation that benefits the user not the manufacturer.

  • jay king

    artificially inflating the price is foolish. i need upto 25 grams perday as i suffer from severe pain and multiple comorbiditys. i’m fed up with the govt attempting to monopolizea medical product at an artificially iinflated price. this plant, is a weed, it grows wherever you plant it correctly. and, if donre right, you sew, then months later, you reap. there are top shelf growers producing product that can be sold for 1 or 2 bucks a gram. lets stop the govt. attempt at a monopolly i’m NOT buying from lps untill they lower the price, and raise the quality, and stop dosing the ill with pesticides that turn into hydrogen cyani8de when smoked. only the foolish and uneducated that buy that anti trust suit waiting to happen

    • Turner Kayston

      It’s all about the money…

      • Doris

        That’s right !

        Cramming thousands of plants into a big industrial building with big lights, big fans , big air conditioning don’t make sense .

        Why not let our Canadian farmers do the work…they allready grow hemp…the knowledge is there ?

        Living soil, sunshine, love and water… that is all this wonderful helpfull plant really needs.

  • Riel

    Great debate on this post, thanks for the good read 🙂

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