Green Therapy Wellness Video Interview

Cannabis Life Network’s Alana Kindree spoke with Stephen Symons and Selena Wong at the Toronto Lift Cannabis Expo conference about their operation, Green Therapy Wellness.

Green Therapy Wellness produces cannabis infused skincare products used to treat muscle, joint, nerve and skin conditions — hand made in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

Symons said the products, ranging from sun shield and lip balm to vapour run and tattoo salve, are made with all organic ingredients and contain no chemicals, using CBD to treat inflammation and other issues.

Wong said people use other products to cope with pain management, but they serve as only a band-aid dealing with symptoms. Using products like those produced by Green Therapy Wellness offer real, therapeutic relief that allows patients to look at their health more holistically.



“I feel like this medicine is a step in the door and it opens you up to so much more, to the point of where you’re actually healthy,” Wong said.

Wong, who found topical creams after suffering from chronic pain following a car accident, said one of the beautiful things about topicals is that they don’t leave the user feeling high.

Green Therapy Wellness was also recognized for their product quality, placing first in the topical category at this year’s Lift Cannabis Expo.

You can listen to more from Wong as part of the 2016 Cannabis Hemp Conference panel on growing and cultivation.