Growing Number of Hotels and Inns Looking To Cater To The Cannabis Crowd

The Jupiter hotel in Oregon is looking to be one of the first hotels to get in on trying to cater to the cannabis market in a new and creative way. The hotel has partnered with Dope Magazine in order to offer those who stay at the venue a “420 Dope Package” that will include a variety of cannabis-related products and information. For tourists or locals who are in Oregon and want to find a cannabis-friendly hotel, they don’t need to look any further now. And the Juniper hotel isn’t the only one looking to get in on the action either.

The Jupiter hotel is approaching the cannabis market in a unique way by offering a cannabis package to its tenants. The package is designed to give the guests who stay there a look at Oregon’s legal cannabis industry and included in the box will be things like a munchie kit, cannabis magazines, “everything but the weed’ kit, a vape pen, t-shirt, hat, and discounts to local dispensaries in the area.

The hotel would also ideally like to provide samples within the kit, that come from local dispensary businesses, but the rules surrounding the giveaway of those products is still restrictive. The hotel has also expressed that consumption of the cannabis plant within the room is not allowed, unless the vape pen is used.

There are also other locations that are looking to do the same thing in catering to those who are looking for a comfortable place to stay and still be able to medicate. But they aren’t coming at it in the same way as the Juniper hotel by providing the cannabis-kit to its guests. There are places like the Bed Baked & Beyond or the North Admiral Penthouse in Seattle and several others in Washington. Another venue, Bud and Breakfast, is a chain that’s located in Colorado and caters to cannabis users by providing them an environment where they can smoke openly. Their business is regarded as one of the premier cannabis-friendly lodges in the market.