Heading into Board of Variance Meeting, Dispensary Asks for Support Letters

Vancouver dispensary MMJ Canada is asking for signatures on a petition it hopes to present to the Board of Variance ahead of its appeal hearing this fall.

MMJ, which has three locations in Vancouver, was rejected for business licenses at all of its shops and will now attempt to prove hardship prevents the business from finding a new location or complying with city regulations.

To that end, the operation is looking for signatures on an online petition and letters of support from members.

“We are asking for everyone to please sign this petition to show your support to us in remaining open at all three locations,” the petition reads. “MMJ Canada has done a lot for the members of each community it has stepped foot in.”

The message reads that the dispensary has performed lab testing on all of its product that goes toward treating medical patients suffering from conditions such as cancer or epilepsy.

“By signing this petition you are supporting MMJ Canada in staying open at all locations,” the business stated. “Each signature counts, so please take the time to sign.”

Supporter comments have already begun to come in, online.

“MMJ is a staple in our community and I always find the service and selection of high qauilty medicine to be 100 per cent pro, wrote Ravi Sahota.

Another signatory, Elizabeth Galaczy, wrote that pharmaceuticals did nothing to treat her anxiety and depression.

Cannabis is the only thing that helps me, especially with nausea when you can’t swallow a pill because you throw it up so it doesn’t make you feel better, but with cannabis it’s in your system it works immediately and you can’t throw it up you can feel pain relief within minutes,” Galaczy wrote. “In all honesty it [saved] my life.”

Melanie Laing wrote that there’s a double standard for cannabis when alcohol and tobacco is sold openly.

“How is this right but MMJ patients are not allowed access to a plant that heals us in countless ways?” Laing wrote. “Our world needs healing, not corrosion – stop thinking about lining your pockets and give us access to our MMJ.”

MMJ said supporters can also attend their open, pubic hearing at the Board of Variance, Nov. 4.

“MMJ Canada would like to thank all of its members in advance; your support to us is incredible,” the dispensary wrote. “Please help us during this difficult time so we can be here to serve our community for the long run.”