Health Canada Grants Mettrum Supplemental License

A license to sell cannabis extracts was granted to Mettrum Health Corp, a licensed producer and provider of cannabis products.

Health Canada granted the license, which was effective Dec. 23.

It was announced this past August that the company would receive this supplemental license to be able to legally produce cannabis extracts.

This makes Mettrum only the second company in the cannabis sector to be given the ability to legally produce and sell the products.

Mettrum CEO Michael Haines had this to say on the new license,”Securing this license is a continuation of our strategy of providing cannabis products, in a variety of formats. Our clients will be able to rely upon a selection of cannabis oils representing each band of the Mettrum Spectrum including our CBD strains. Cannabis extracts provide a level of standardization that cannot be achieved in the flower form, and in some cases, it is a more convenient consumption method. We are very excited about this new phase for the industry and we look forward to continuing our role as a market leader, and provider, of high quality, cannabis products.”

The license gives the company the ability to sell CBD products which are in very high demand and will likely keep growing exponentially, especially as more research comes out confirming the legitimate medical applications and benefits.

Other licensed producers are surely seeking this same license so that they can supply the high demand for the CBD products. Any producer that has this license will definitely have a competitive advantage.