Although we’ll have to wait another six months for the Liberal government to act, individuals now have a recognized constitutional right to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes.

The licensed producer cartel have lost their Harper protection.

There is no more oligopoly. We’ve now begun the process toward a freer-and-fairer market.

The LPs, of course, are in denial about all this. As their stock prices plummet, Bruce Linton, chairman and CEO of Canopy, formerly known as Tweed, is quite confident that home-growing “will be ‘good advertising’ for his company once [patients] realize that Canopy’s product is far superior.”

Linton is delusional if he really believes that the LP product is superior and that Justice Phelan’s decision will not “materially impact” his business.

One of the major complaints from patients was that the LPs didn’t have the quality, strains or affordability that home-growing entails.

I don’t know a single patient that has celebrated the Allard win by saying, “now I can voluntarily buy from the LPs instead of being forced to.”

The Allard win means that the LPs are now at the mercy of market forces. They can no longer rely on government coercion forcing patients to use their product. They’ll have to produce better quality bud at reasonable prices.

Canopy, and the other big LPs that have attacked the cannabis community in the media, now have a serious public relations problem.

Who in their right mind would want to buy a strain called “Brown” from a company that was set up by the Harper regime and openly fought for restricted market access by taking away the rights of medical patients and the B.C. Bud community?

If home-growing is good for business why didn’t they fund Allard? Why were they so opposed to dispensaries and compassion clubs?

With the MMAR strains now legally protected, and with the Cannabis Growers of Canada taking the fight for a cannabis connoisseur market to the federal level, the future of “corporate bud” is on shaky ground.

Without any protection from the feds, the big LPs will have to compete with the small-time cannabis farmers on a level playing field.

The corporate LPs, who have so far only succeeded with inflated stock prices and a government-enforced oligopoly, will now have to compete with experienced growers and proven strains that they don’t have access too.

I’m reminded of Eaton’s department stores or Blockbuster video. Once upon a time, these were wealthy capitalist organizations with a large market share. But, after 130 years, Eaton’s faced bankruptcy and was bought by Sears. Blockbuster is irrelevant in the age of Netflix, YouTube and torrents.

Trusting the Harper government (that was their first mistake), the LPs set up large industrial greenhouses to produce what they probably assumed was an easy plant to grow.

But now, like Blockbuster vis-à-vis Netflix, patients don’t need to buy their medicine from a corporation, they can grow it themselves in their own home.

And like Eaton’s, what once looked powerful and monolithic has been now relegated to the dustbin of history.

With any luck, the same fate will await the LPs.

  • David Chun

    Well said..??????????

  • George Kofoed

    Great article. I really don’t see a way out for LPs, unless Trudeau does something astronomically stupid.

    • Surveilz

      The Dirty Rotten Liberals are certainly capable of that. When you make a felon out of every Canadian with an American satellite dish on their homes just so your friends can setup monopolies, it doesn’t get more banana republic than that.

    • Ned Fumpkin

      I think the people of BC need to take their heads out of their butts. LPs aren’t going away. The parallel here is that people think this makes sense: Shut down all the major breweries with their heavy regulations in favour of people brewing beer in their basement without any controls or regulations, testing, or anything and sell that to the public instead.

      Stop reading stoner articles on the internet with made up information. The reason we have regulations is to ensure the health of Canadians. The logis that is being espoused is the logic that wants to take health inspections away from restaurants.

      This is so illogical that people who aren’t completely stoned can’t make sense of it. If dispensaries are going to happen, then they are going to have to purchase their product from LPs. It’s as simple as that. It is going to have to be tested regardless of who grows it. Otherwise, there could be potential lawsuits. That will do more to shut down dispensaries than anything.

      But, to be honest, Cannabis in Canada is not a reputable news site, it’s just a bunch of stoners having a wet dream.

      • Surveilz

        Hey ya do-nothing keyboard hero, which LP signs your paycheck? By your logic, people should just stand idly by while the restaurant lobby works out a prohibition on home cooking? Fire & mold, think of the children! Why the fuck do you come here in the first place?

        • Ned Fumpkin

          Hey ya -haven’t gotta job cause you’re too stoned to function in society loser – Just because someone has an opinion that differs from yours does not mean that the person is getting paid to express it. Is Marc Emery paying to you spout your drivel?

          If you could collect together 3 or 4 functioning brain cells, you might be able to discern that I have always been on record in support of home growing marijuana for personal use. I am also in favour of LPs growing and selling it, not only to the public but also supplying dispensaries.

          What I am not in favour of is some moron wh only cares about profit, WITHOUT regulation suppyling the dispensaries. It is the same as letting moonshiners supply corner stores with their special backwoods recipe, while all the others have submit to regulation.

          Politicians have been lying about marijuana for the last 100 years. Stoners have been lying about marijuana for just as long. Just because I don’t have my head stuck up my arse and can reality for what it is, only means that YOU have a problem if you don’t like it.

          • Surveilz

            Looks like you’re changing the lyrics from what you wrote earlier ya fucking LP shill. Take this piece of idiocy for example:

            “If dispensaries are going to happen, then they are going to have to purchase their product from LPs”

            Guess what genius, not only are dispensaries happening, they’ve been around for many years and functioning quite well without official sanction or irradiated, subpar LP weed.

            Deal with it, sucker.