Winnipeg Doctor Dispels Myths Surrounding Cannabis Use

People who are looking to find the truth about the effects of cannabis use are getting a mixed bag when it comes to what experts in different areas are saying publicly. The federal government recently launched a tour to warn young people about the dangers of cannabis use. At the same time, a recent study in England shows that teens who use cannabis have no link to loss of intelligence.

A medical doctor in Winnipeg is making an effort to promote the reality of cannabis based on his experiences. Dr. Paul Daenick is a pain management specialist at CancerCare Manitoba, and he is out to dispel some of the myths that surround medical cannabis. He says that the common accusations of cannabis being a gateway and being addictive are just not true. “We find that there’s no evidence of any addiction. There’s no evidence of people wanting harder drugs or anything else,” said Daenick.

According to the Dr. many of his colleagues want nothing to do with cannabis since it is still illegal, but he points out that this doesn’t change the fact that it is still beneficial for some patients. He says that “Most people who are coming to their family doctor are looking for permission to use it for anxiety.”

He has studied the role of cannabinoids in late stage cancer patients, and he notes that the human body has cannabinoid receptors that are tied to pain receptors. “We can actually decrease the amount of painkillers people are using by using this nabilone(man-made cannabis),” Daenick said.

He does not broadly recommend cannabis for everyone, however. “There are some patients who are going to have great benefit. There are some who are not going to have benefit.”

As legalization moves forward, we can expect to see more cannabis-friendly doctors like Dr. Daenick who will attempt to help patients manage their pain with medical cannabis.