How To Make The Best THC Infused Drinks for 4/20

If there is one holiday every weed-smoker reveres, it is 4/20. However, for some, smoking may not be an option due to lung conditions, living situations or legality. Thankfully, as any resourceful cannabis user knows, there are plenty of other ways to ingest weed, and one of the best (and arguably most delicious), is with THC tinctures! So, let’s dive into how to make the best THC infused drinks for 4/20.

THC Tincture: What is it and How Does it Work?

THC-infused drinks are delicious, flavorful ways to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke a joint or bong. THC beverages have been around for a long time, since at least 2,000 B.C! So, knowing a great THC tincture recipe is not hard when humanity has had so much time to perfect and develop a variety of recipes.

This 4/20, why not learn a classic recipe: the Green Dragon. Green Dragon is a cannabis tincture that has enjoyed centuries of use, medicinally and recreationally. It remains among the most popular cannabis-infused alcohol-based drinks. Additionally, tinctures are often considered one of the safest (and most potent) ways to consume cannabis. Learning tincture making is surprisingly simple, and you’ll need a few ingredients to get started:

Once you purchase these, the process is easy. Add your cannabis to your mason jars, then pour in your ethyl alcohol. Then, store your tincture in a dark place in your home for two to three weeks. Once the tincture has turned a deep green colour, strain out the remaining Cannabis flower from the mason jars and your tincture is ready to drink! You can drink it directly from the mason jar, a teaspoon, or mix it into soft drinks like lemonade or cola. Now, it is important to discuss dosing cannabis tinctures safely to avoid the unpleasant reality of a cannabis overdose.

How to Properly Dose your Tincture

The ideal dose of cannabis is different for everyone, with the recommended edible dose being between 10 to 25mg for the average user or beginner user. Some cannabis veterans regularly use upwards of hundreds of milligrams of cannabis to help manage things like chronic pain or depression. Here are four simple tips to dose your tincture:

1. Consume in a Safe Environment

The first time using cannabis can be a little scary, which is why it is important to pick a safe, comfortable environment — in case you aren’t ready for the effects of cannabis. Plus, having company is a good way to stay safe during your experience.

2. Be Patient

Sometimes, the tincture can take a little while to kick in. The general suggestion is to wait thirty minutes to an hour before redosing tinctures. Your stomach needs time to properly process the THC in the tincture, so it varies from person to person.

3. Start with a Low Dose

If you have never consumed cannabis before (including never smoking it), or have low tolerance, we recommend starting with small doses first and gradually working your way up.

4. Pace Yourself

If you decide to have multiple drinks with THC tincture, we recommend pacing yourself to avoid getting too high. Keep track of what and how much you’re drinking, and have someone present with you who can cut you off if they feel you’ve taken too much.

And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy it! Now that you’ve learned how to make the best THC infused drink for 4/20, be sure to follow us for all the latest 4/20 news this week, the best 4/20 events in Vancouver, Toronto and California, and more.