Infamous Pro-Cannabis, Former Journalist Detained By Canadian Customs

Many people probably remember Charlo Greene and her infamous moment where she quit her job as a television journalist during a live broadcast back in September 2014. Her reasoning for quitting was to bring awareness to the use of cannabis in the state of Alaska.

Last Thursday, she attempted to enter into BC on her way to Vancouver to promoter her company Go Greene, only to be detained by customs officials. She feels that her reputation for being an outspoken activist for cannabis is what led to her detainment. She took to her Facebook page to comment on the incident originally, saying that she was “immediately recognized as the ‘f**k it, I quit weed lady’ by customs agents.”

She told Global News that she was detained for nine hours because of “suspicion of smuggling residue.” Greene says that this residue was actually “just crumbs on a black sock at the bottom of her purse.”

Her travel companion was also detained, searched, and handcuffed because he was wearing a hat which had a cannabis leaf on it.

Greene posted a video to Facebook after the incident and said that she loves Canada and had no trouble entering the country in the past, but that “This whole experience was just really disappointing.”

Green’s company, Go Greene, is a group that helps to promote cultural diversity in cannabis.