Italian Lawmakers To Begin Debating Legalizing Cannabis

The cannabis movement is spreading worldwide as more and more nations begin to legalize cannabis in various ways. Lawmakers in Italy recently began discussion on allowing cannabis to be used recreationlly in the country.

The bill being discussed would result in allowing citizens to legally have and use cannabis in their home, with a limit of 15 grams at home, and 5 grams held on a person. They would also be allowed to grow up to 5 plants at home.

Foreign ministry undersecretary Benedetto Della Vedova is the one who submitted the draft for this bill. The country seems divided on the issue however, as the catholic lawmakers are intent on keeping this bill from passing or at least making changes to the final bill.

Maurizio Lupi is the group of leader of a coalition of catholic lawmakers in opposition to this bill, he says that public safety and health are big concerns with legalizing.

“We are completely opposed to the legislation, to the idea of sending out the message that it is alright to freely smoke a joint without a problem,” Lupi says.

The bill will be hashed in a few weeks as the recess set for parliament is about to begin.