It’s High time for Adventure so check out these Elevated Canadian travel ideas

It’s almost official! Canadian adults will soon be able to ‘legally’ experience a herb that has been forced to the black market and underground for decades due to prohibition. This month, both the House and Senate signed off on legislation to bring an ‘end’ to prohibition surrounding cannabis in Canada. The legislation has been given royal assent.

While there have been thousands of Canadians that have utilized cannabis for recreational enjoyment despite the government-backed prohibition, on October 17th, 2018, (some) will no longer be being doing so while risking incarceration. This is the date that Canada will officially become the second country in the entire world to ‘legalize’ cannabis for adult retail/recreational use, behind Uruguay which legalized all drugs in small amounts back in 2013.

In celebration of this significant ‘progress’ in the global movement to re-legalize cannabis, I present to you 5 high adventures that you will want to puff and not pass on while puffing and passing in Canada.

Get Elevated and Go Up, Up, and Away in a Balloon

Give elevated a whole new meaning when you get lifted and go on a hot air balloon excursion in Canada. The natural beauty of Canada is unparalleled according to many, and the views you can obtain while elevated in a hot air balloon above it all are out of this world.

Sundance Balloons offers breathtaking hot air balloon rides for every occasion with flights available in multiple cities across the country. They are currently operational in Toronto, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Learn more and book your flight today at

View the Blazing Storms on BC’s Vancouver Island

Stoners love storms! So what could be better than getting high as a kite and chilling on the coast as the waves crash violently on the shore of BC’s Vancouver Island?

The winter storms that surge this coast are some of the most breathtaking storms our continent sees each year in the opinion of many. That is why storm-watching has swiftly become big wintertime hit on Vancouver Island. It is said that the legendary Wickaninnish Inn actually offers packages and specials for those looking to take in the storms on the island’s rugged west coast.

Take a Walk on the Edge at Toronto’s CN Tower

Like to live on the wild side? Of course, you do! That is why you will love walking the Edgewalk at the CN Tower in Toronto. This walk is like none other, kind of like that first high that we’ve all been trying to obtain once again at little to no avail because unfortunately, our tolerances will never again be that low.

The CN Tower is elevated like none other. The Edgewalk at the CN Tower towers approximately 1,200 feet over the city of Toronto giving those who are brave enough an exquisite look at the city below. What better way than to enjoy this elevated experience than being elevated? Let’s face it, many of us would have to be high to voluntarily dangle ourselves off of a skyscraper putting our trust in a few cords so why not get lit if you decide to talk a walk on the edge at the Edgewalk?

Elevate the Night with the Northern Lights in Yellowknife

What better way to relax at night than to get elevated on some Northern Lights while watching the northern lights in Yellowknife? From weekend camping packages and day trips at local lodges to self-discovery and adventure, there are many different ways that you can partake in the spectacle known as the Aurora Borealis aka The Northern Lights that have amazed all who have gazed upon it for centuries.

However, if you decide to go there to view them, one thing is certain- the Northern Lights are just that much more amazing after a few tokes of Northern Lights!

Get to Puffin and Go Puffin Watching in Newfoundland

Like to puff? If so, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to puff a few joints and then go Puffin watching in Newfoundland. Puffin is an amazing species of bird that can be found just off the coast of St. Johns each spring. These breathtakingly beautiful, multicoloured beaked seabirds flock by the millions to Newfoundland each year to breed. If you’re in the area in the spring, you won’t want to pass on the chance to puff, puff and watch some Puffins!

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