Cannabis Student Organizations 1: Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Cannabis Student Organizations 1: Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Cannabis Student Organizations 1: Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Resources for students interested in harm reduction methodologies can take note from those at the frontlines. Those students taking time out of their prime years of life to make society more civilized. Many student groups exist and some national student organizations exist.

One of those is the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy or CSSDP.* Based out of Canada, the grassroots organization is a network of students and youth with a concern for the negative impacts of current substance or drug policies nationally. These impact individuals. These impact communities.

A Natural Movement

The whole idea is youth gathering together to make incremental or piecemeal reform nationally or locally. The current approaches are more punitive rather than harm reduction and tend to worsen outcomes over time.

With a response to inflict further punishment on users, exacerbating the problems. So, the harm reduction approach is a natural change in the movement towards something more healthy.

The main evidence-based approach to health and wellbeing now is harm reduction if the goal is to reduce harm to individuals and communities. CSSDP orientates around this basis.

More About Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP)

What you have with these youth movements are whip-smart and active young people gathering together to produce content relevant to all age groups, yet, they’re oriented to youth audiences.

They have university chapters. These chapters provide on-campus support networks and connections to the national Board and CSSDP at large. If students have an interest in founding a chapter or becoming involved in harm reduction activism on campus, these are great resources for you.

Currently, they have chapters in Quebec Montreal (Regional), Concordia University, McGill University, UBC Okanagan, UBC Vancouver, University of Calgary, Edmonton (Regional), University of Dalhousie, Ottawa (Regional), Ryerson University, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Guelph, and uWindsor.

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved with CSSDP, then you can always drop them a line to see what’s up. As these movements are individuals who may lack funds, any financial assistance will be greatly appreciated.

They have a fundraising page for those who can help with it. This can be merchandise, PayPal on-time donations, or Patreon donations. All forms of financial assistance are helpful.

If you’re looking to support cannabis culture nationally and the efforts to reduce the harms to individuals who use substances within individual autonomy, then this is one of the great organizations for you, or other youth.

*Current National Board: Kira London-Nadeau, Erika Dupuis, Kiah Ellis-Durity, Rhiannon Carruthers, Alex(andra) Holtom, Mary Kelly, Heath D’Alessio, Taylor Fleming, Matthew Bonn, Alexander (Alex) George Betsos, Tess Walker, Hasham Kamran, Avery Sapoznikow, Matthew McLaughlin, and Sanjana Mitra.

Current Advising Team: Nazlee Maghsoudi, Rebecca Haines-Saah, Jenna Valleriani, Michelle St. Pierre, Stephanie Lake, Dessy Pavlova, and Donald MacPherson.