Le chef du Parti LibÈral du Canada, Justin Trudeau, lors de son discours au CongrËs biennal du Parti LibÈral du Canada au Palais des CongrËs, ‡ MontrÈal en ce samedi 22 fÈvrier 2014. JOEL LEMAY/AGENCE QMI

Justin Trudeau Backs Winnipeg Cannabis Dispensary

Federal Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau is speaking out in support of Glenn Price and “Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters” in Winnipeg. During a stop in the city on Wednesday, Justin said cannabis storefronts like Mr. Price’s should be allowed to operate. He then reiterated his pledge to legalize by “licensing and restricting the sale” to keep it out of the hands of “kids and criminals.”

Police closed down Price’s store last week since he is not a Licensed Producer and thus cannot legally sell cannabis. Supporters rallied this week outside police headquarters and then later in front of Price’s store when he reopened.

Price only provides cannabis to people with appropriate medical documentation, but even this isn’t without controversy. Dr. Roman Chubaty, who is the Winnipeg doctor prescribing patients with cannabis, does not condone “illegal dispensaries” and wishes Mr. Price would stop using his name. “Where Glenn gets off thinking he can get around this thing and use my name around there is absolutely beyond me,” Chubaty told the CBC. “I can’t control what happens once they go out of the office. I can tell them, ‘You want to be legal, here’s your certificate, here are the dispensaries that Health Canada has authorized.'”

Currently there is only one LP in Manitoba, yet Health Canada says there are 12 more applications in the works.

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