Bay Area Cannabis Company Doing Door-to-Door

David Hua runs, a cannabis on-demand website where patients can not only order their cannabis online and have it delivered to them, but even the doctor will make a house-call to prescribe the plant.

In 2013, the federal government relaxed drug enforcement in states where cannabis is regulated. The move opened the door for businesses like Meadow to operate legally. Meadow’s newest program is called Cannabis MD. They send a medical doctor to your door to talk about cannabis.

“Typically, I’ll come in, introduce myself to the patient, we’ll sit down and I’ll talk to them quite a bit about what they are looking for relief from,” said Dr. Dan Price. He added, “The central question when in go in is ‘Is this patient safe to use medical cannabis?’

The evaluation costs $100 or $50 for a renewal. Once the patient has his prescription (usually delivered over e-mail), will deliver him pot form its online catalog.