Justin Trudeau is a Liar

Recently, Justin Trudeau broke another promise. This time it was about electoral reform. With any luck, this selfie-taking drama teacher will be a one-term Prime Minister.

Consider, he also lied about deficit spending, promising that, “the budget will balance itself” by 2019. In truth, today’s millennials will be paying for this Liberal government well into their middle age through higher taxes, inflation, and a lower standard of living.

Justin also lied about the oil pipelines. And not just on his approval of Kinder Morgan after telling British Columbians that he wouldn’t. He continually lies about the previous government every chance he gets. That the Harper government failed to build a single new pipeline despite building four in nine years, including two linked to the United States.

Funny that people attack Trump’s “alternative facts” without addressing that every single politician likes to distort truth for a political agenda.

Another Justin Trudeau lie, and this one comes as no surprise to regular readers of this blog, was about cannabis legalization.

On the campaign trail, he advocated for dispensaries only to change his tune once behind the desk in the PMO.

No surprise there. While many advocated that the cannabis culture should vote Liberal because they promised to legalize, and those who didn’t were traitors to the movement, those of us with a clearer picture of politics understood what was going on.

Despite the civics-textbook definition of a liberal democracy, there is a continuity of special interest groups in Ottawa. It’s nothing nefarious (or maybe it is), it’s just business as usual. If you don’t lobby for special benefits, others will, and then you will find yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

A “mixed economy” inevitably leads to economic fascism.

With that in mind, Liberal legalization was slated to be no greater than Harper’s LP scheme. In fact, Harper helped pave the way for corporate legalization. All Justin had to do was smile and convince people that their vote really mattered.

Trudeau lied to get into power, and not just with cannabis, but over issues of environmental protection, electoral reform, balancing the budget, government transparency, etc.

But so what? That’s how things are and if we want change we must be the change we want to see.

And so, just as we did under Harper and previous Liberal and Conservative governments, we will continue overgrowing the government, in spite of the political dogma that “the law is the law” where there’s no room for civil disobedience.

As the Charter of Rights and Freedom says: “Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law” and so we will continue opening dispensaries and patronizing their services.

We will continue to boycott LP product until some sense is knocked into them. The market is big enough for all producers, but not when their product quality is sub par (even dangerous) and their attitude toward us is “get rid of the goons.” 

I’m a forgiving person. If Justin Trudeau wants to keep his promises, he can use his majority government to reverse tort reforms that have sanctioned pollution, he can act to ensure a protection of private property rights.

Cannabis and hemp have an opportunity to replace more than medicine, they can take the place of fossil fuels and plastics.

If Justin Trudeau wants to fulfill his campaign promises and revive the middle class and save the environment, look no further than cannabis and hemp.

All he needs to do is stop taxing our hard-earned wealth and spending it overseas. He needs to stop regulating and prohibiting capitalist acts between consenting adults.

He needs to stop lying.